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Opotiki Golf Club Results

Sunday 25 October 2020  Codlin Electrical Open Stableford : Nett Winner: Tane Howe; 64; Stableford Winners; Division One: Barry Howe 39, Ross White 38, Micky Huriwaka 38, Elvis Kelsall 36, Murray Horsnell 34, Charlie Hayes 34, Harold Ruff 34, Paul Brown 33, Bain McKay 33, Milton Kiri 32. Division Two: Hilton Rogers 39, Ngawai Amoamo 37, Bruce Hawtin 36, Elijah Huriwaka 34, Andrew Morrison 34, Butch Tuoro 33, Fraser Hunia 33, Trevor Harris 32, Wetini Mokomoko 32, Ray Johnson 32. Division Three: Jack O’Neil 42, Peter Gleeson 39, Aiden Reeve 39, Darren Watene 38, Joe Honatana 36, Terry Reeve 35, Michael Lack 35, Dave Howe 35, Robbie Petersen 34, Tatana Koopu 34. Womens Division: Kristine Shove 40, Jacqui Rogers 38, Rangi Leabourn 38, Sandra Carlyon 37, Marilyn Harris 37, Gail Stables 36, Doris Petersen 36, Sarndra Tiopira 36, Mandy Walker 35, Janice Hustler 35. Hidden Hole Winners: Bain McKay, Tane Howe, Terry Reeve, Kopua Robinson, Marilyn Harris.

Nearest the Pins: No. 2: Darin Maxwell; No. 6: Lois Margerison; No. 13: Rangi Leabourn; No. 15: Andrew Morrison; No.18: Rob Sullivan. Longest Drives: Women age 40-64: Mandy Walker; Women age 65+: Glenys Hayes; Men age 0-15: Charlie Hayward; Men age 16-39: Micky Huriwaka; Men age 40-64: John McKain; Men age 64+: Denis Newey. Chrunchie Bar: Dion Reeve.  Two’s: Micky Huriwaka x2, David Moore, Murray Horsnell, Trevor Harris, Robbie Petersen, Susan Gleeson, Jacqui Rogers.  Our rolling start turned into a shotgun start when the field cracked 100 players for the 3rd Annual Codlin Electrical Tournament. Eric and his team put on an amazing prize table and BBQ with everyone going home with something. We welcomed many visitors from Auckland, Tauranga and all around the Eastern Bay. Tane Howe had an outstanding round and his chores will be easier after winning a brand new lawn mower. Jack O’Neil who lost the Nett prize on a countback will be able to sit back and film Tane mowing with his new GoPro. The big prize, a heat pump and free installation, was drawn out at the end of prize giving and went to Karen Trafford. A massive thanks to our sponsors, Eric and Sharon Codlin from Codlin Electrical and Hori Lack from Opotiki Drainlayers, without them this amazing day would not have been realised.

Sunday 18 October 2020  Opotiki Club Champs,. Senior Club Champ: Micky Huriwaka; Senior Runner Up: Dion Reeve; Senior Plate Winner: David Moore; Intermediate Club Champ: Tom Henwood; Intermediate Runner Up: Ngawai Amoamo; Intermediate Plate Winner: Trevor Harris; Junior Club Champ: Joe Honotana; Junior Runner Up: Wayne Morrow; Junior Plate Winner: Peter Gleeson; Junior B Club Champ: Tatana Koopu; Junior B Runner Up: Mike Lack; Silver Club Champ: Tyla Kingi; Silver Runner Up: Polly White; Silver Plate Winner: Kala Reeve; Bronze One Club Champ: Sarge Tiopira; Bronze One Runner Up: Veronica Phipps; Bronze One Plate Winner: Debbie McKillop; Bronze Two Club Champ: Jacqui Rogers; Bronze Two Runner Up: Marilyn Harris; Bronze Two Plate Winner: Karen Trafford; Under 15 Junior Club Champ: Hasley Howe; Under 15 Junior Runner Up: Makau Phipps; Under 15 Junior Plate Winner: Waimanawa Robinson

The Club Champs was played in spectacular conditions on Sunday, a large crowd gathered to watch and were entertained by the competitive golf on display. Micky made it back-to-back Senior titles. It was always going to be difficult for Dion as Micky has recently been in very fine form. Tyla Kingi showed off her prowess on the course with her extreme length off the tee leaving Polly few opportunities to win holes. The intermediate mens turned out to be the feature match of the day. It came down to one piece of bad luck for Ngawai in the closing holes that tipped the balance Tom’s way and he hung on to win on the 35th hole. The experienced Sandra Tiopira proved too steady for Veroinca to get a look in during the Bronze One match. Another great match was Joe Honotana and Wayne Morrow in the Junior division, Joe held it together nicely throughout the day but Wayne still managed to take him to the 32nd hole. After a nervous start our new comer Jacqui proved to be to strong for Marilyn, winning on the 15th. In the Under 15 Junior’s it was a close match with the lead seesawing between Makau and Haze with Haze eventually winning on the 17th.

The surprise match of the day was the Senior Plate final, David Moore and Tim Hickey could not be separated after 18 holes which sent them down to a sudden death play off. After 8 extra holes they still could not be separated. On the 9th extra hole they were both in trouble from their tee shots but David’s superior recovery skills saw him take out the match. Or maybe it was just luck.

Sunday 11 October:  Ladies Closing Day Teams Tournament.   A fun team format with 24 ladies playing followed by a yummy lunch catered by Gaye. Results were – 1st Jocelyn Griffiths, Irene Moore, Jan Gibson and Janice Hustler – 112 points, 2nd The Skittles, Sarge Tiopira, Rita Maxwell, Veronica Phipps, and Jacqui Rogers 110 points, 3rd = Red Devils, Marilyn Harris, Maria Gebert, Kate Morrison, and Kura McMillan, 3rd = C.D.L.S, Cushla Steenson, Doris Petersen, Lyndsay Maxwell, Susan Gleeson.  The Skittles, dressed in there coloured tutus and big glasses won the best dressed. Well done to everyone. Another great effort from our Opotiki Ladies. Just a few more competitions to go before our club prize giving and closing day 31st October. A big thank you to all our golfing ladies for making 2020 an amazing year despite a few Covid disruptions.

Sunday 4th October: The 12th annual Eastern Bay of Plenty Golf Interclub Challenge hosted at Ohope. The challenge includes the five clubs in the Eastern Bay, Ohope, Whakatane, Kawerau, Te Teko and Opotiki, the trophy is won by using the team’s combined stableford. Opotiki managed to come out on top with some great scoring from our ladies, Glenys Hayes with 41 and Gail Stables with 40. The juniors carried us through with contributions from Jack, Shaynee, Aiden, Hasley and Elijah. It was great to see so many of our kids representing our club. We are looking forward to defending our title at home next year. Thanks to the sponsor Pacific Golfer Magazine for the continued support of this tournament.

Saturday 26 September 2020:  Mens Results: Marcus Abraham 42, Stephen Walker 40, Harold Ruff 40, Micky Huriwaka 38, Joe Honotana 38, Charlie Hayes 37, Blair Draper 37, Colin Kemeys 36, Hiton Rogers 36. Nearest the Pins: Waiotahi’s No. 6: Damian Zeier; Ray Shove’s No. 13: Elijah Huriwaka; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18: Graham Bowden. Two’s -Charlie Hayes, Micky Huriwaka, Blair Draper. Chrunchie Bar: Peter Gleeson on countback.  Junior Kids Results: Kopua Robinson 46, Shaynee Tai 45, Jack O’Neill 43, Haze Howe 41. Chrunchie Bar: Waimanawa Robinson.   The start of the club champs match play produced numerous good scores. Marcus Abraham has sent an early message to the rest of the intermediates that he is one to look out for. Micky Huriwaka showed why he is one of our top golfers with a 67 off the stick and overwhelming Blair Draper. Harold Ruff’s 40 points was not enough to get him across the line against Charlie Hayes. Stephen Walker had a bye this week; hopefully he saved some good shots to use against Butch next week.

Saturday 19 September:  Mens Results: Robbie Petersen 37, Tom Henwood 37, David Moore 37, Wayne Morrow 35, Andrew Morrison 35, Julian Lee 34, Bruce Hawtin 34, Tim Hickey 34, Ray Shove 33. Nearest the Pins: Waiotahi’s No. 6: Julian Lee; Ray Shove’s No. 13: Elijah Huriwaka; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18: Kevin McMillan; Two’s: Ray Shove, Clarke Karanga. Chrunchie Bar: Trevor Harris. Junior Kids Results: Ngawai Amoamo Jnr 38, Waimanawa Robinson 37, Rico Taikato 37. Chrunchie Bar: Kupu-John Amoamo.  Robbie Petersen will be very pleased with his score this week and with the 1st round of match play next week he has no more time to sharpen his skills. The number one club champs qualifier, Tom Henwood is trending nicely towards the first round next week. Surely two good rounds in a row is the best David Moore can do; he’ll be sweating for next week. Despite his good round, Wayne still had to go home and organise dinner. Congratulations to Charlie Hayes and Tim Hickey who will be contesting the Vets trophy.

Saturday 12 September 2020 . Mens Results: Tom Henwood 40, Ray Shove 38, Colin Kemeys 36, David Moore 36, Bain McKay 36, Harold Ruff 36, Julian Lee 35, Robbie Petersen 35, Shane Malloy, Eric Codlin 35. Nearest the Pins - Waiotahi’s No. 6: Wayne Morrow; Ray Shove’s No. 13: John McKain; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18: Glen Steenson. Two’s - David Moore x2, Nick Swallow, Robbie Petersen, Bain McKay, Paul Nixon, Tom Henwood. Chrunchie Bar:  Elvis Kelsall. Junior Kids Results: Ngawai Amoamo Jnr 42, Haze Howe 38, Jack O’Neil 35. Chrunchie Bar: Charlie Haywood. The greens are recovering well after coring last week and obviously no problem for Tom Henwood. Raymond’s form is trending well leading up to his Vets match and rolling onto club champs. David Moore may have hit his peak too early for club champs with 36 points and two two’s. Belated congratulations to John McKain for his hole in one last week.

Saturday 29 August: Mens stablefords: Jeremy Paruru 39, Glenn Phipps 38, Tom Henwood 36, Charlie Hayes 36, Tatana Koopu 35, Wayne Morrow 35, Trevor Harris 35, Harold Ruff 34, Eric Codlin 34, Brent McKillop 34, Joe Honotana 33, Hilton Rogers 33, Kevin McMillian 33, Hamish Maxwell 33. Nearest the Pins: Waiotahi’s No. 6: Steven Walker; Ray Shove’s No. 13: Tom Henwood; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18: Tim Hickey. Two’s -Charlie Hayes. Chrunchie Bar: Butch Tuoro. Junior Kids: Rico Taikato 40, Jack O’Neil 40, Shaynee Biddle-Tai 38, Charlie Haywood 35. Chrunchie Bar: Aiden Reeve.  It was a beautiful day for the final round of Club Champs qualifying stroke play. Milton Loveridge held his lead in the junior division. A return to work teaching physics has kept Tom Henwood sharp and he took out the intermediate stroke play. The most experienced players of the seniors battled it out for the stroke play, Charlie Hayes and Brent McKillop were forced to go down the 55th it was so close. Charlie won the day by sinking a massive putt and is now claiming to be the oldest stroke play champion ever. Great rounds from Rico and Jack the junior kids, good to see such good scores coming through.

Coring greens starts at 9 am this Saturday so come along and lend a hand. Picking up cores the main task but lots to do to keep the course looking so good.

Saturday 16 August, 2020: Mens Results ( Best nett): Charlie Hayes 71, Milton Loveridge 71, David Moore 71, Steven Walker 71, Lew Kerr 72, Tim Hickey 72, Wayne Morrow 72, Glenn Phipps 72, Ray Shove, 73, Butch Tuoro;  Nearest the Pins: Waiotahi’s No. 6: Shane Malloy; Ray Shove’s No. 13: Sam Howe; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18: Milton Loveridge. Two’s: Shane Malloy.  Chrunchie Bar: Ross White, John McKain. Juniors Results: Waimanawa Robinson 65, Hasley Howe 71. Chrunchie Bar: Kopua Robinson. The leaders could not be separated in the cold conditions with four people on 71 Nett. Charlie Hayes, Brent McKillop, Tim Hickey and Peter Gleeson all advance to the semi finals of the Vets cup. Waimanawa Robinson showed up all the boys for a second week in a row to take out the juniors haggle. Like the leaders, the chruchie bar winners also could not be separated, well done John and Rosco.

Women's Results. Wednesday, August 12 - Haggle; 1, Janice Hustler 34 points, 2, Sharon Howe 32. Nearest the pin Suzanne Nelson No 6: Polly White ( Nearly a hole in one) Great shot Polly ! Two's: Polly White on 6. Crunchie Bar; Marilyn Harris;  Saturday, August 15 - Haggle; 1, Susan Gleeson Nett 68, 2, Maria Gebert 71, 3, Glenys Hayes 74. Nearest the pin Suzanne Nelson No 15: Vicki Morrow; Ray Shove No 6: Susan Gleeson.  Crunchie Bar; Rita Maxwell

Sunday, August 16 - Ladies Captain's Trophy Final Matchplay was contested between Polly White and Rita Maxwell; Rita played a very strong round winning on the 16th hole. Well done Rita

Saturady 8th August: Tim Hickey Memorial and Waikohu Club visit and Vets men match play results - Womens Trophy: Rita Maxwell - 35 stableford points; Kala Reeve 34, Glenys Hayes 33, Maria Gebert 31, Debbie McKillop 31, Polly White 30, Ella Wynyard 29, Sharon Howe 29. Mens Trophy: Eric Codlin – 40 stableford points; Division One: John McKain 36, Sam Howe 36, Brent McKillop 35, Tom Henwood 35, Tim Hickey 34, David Moore 33, Harold Ruff 32, Paul Brown 32, Dennis Newey 31. Division Two: Lew Kerr 38, Trevor Harris 37, Mike Lack 33, Kevin McMillian 33, Andrew Morrison 31, Joe Honotana 31, Steven Walker 31, Ryken Kingi 30, Larry Green 30. Nearest the Pins :No. 2: Ryken Kingi; No. 6: Marcus Abraham; No. 13: Sam Howe; No. 15: Larry Green; No.18 Maria Gebert.  Longest Drives; Women age 0-50: Jascoe Ngaia ; Women age 51-60: Debbie McKillop; Women age 61-69: Ella Wynyard; Women age 70+: Maria Gebert; Men age 0-50: Paul Brown; Men age 51-60: David Brown; Men age 61-69: Charlie Hayes;Men age 70+: Julian Lee.  Chrunchie Bars: Women: Mandy Walker. Men: Isaac Ruru.  Two’s:  Larry Green.  The weather was temperamental for the Tim Hickey Memorial, it started out beautiful then drastically turned when the wind picked up and brought in some light rain before returning to some sunshine. It was great to have our visitors from Waikohu in the field and although they did not make many appearances in the prize list, Larry was the only golfer to get a two. Despite not knowing that the tournament was on until he turned up to the course, Eric turned out a great score with 40 points.  Even though Rita's first shot of the day went out of bounds and her last hole ended with a four putt, Rita managed to snag the top spot for the ladies. Peter Gleeson will be thankful he played Lew on Thursday for their Vets match as Lew came in with 38 points. Dennis, Charlie, Marcus and Tim won their matches; Brent and Trevor also go through and round out the second round of the old boys comp. Overall it was a great day, thanks to the Waikohu club for joining us for the day, we look forward to returning the favour soon.

Sunday 2nd August: Grandparents Day Results. Grandmother Best Nett: Sarge Tiopira.  Maria Gebert 39, Mandy Walker 37, Jascoe Ngaia 37, Vicky Morrow 36, P White 34, Jacqui Rogers 32, Kala Reeve 32. Grandfather Best Nett: Raymond Shove. Elvis Kelsall 39, Ryken Kingi 36, Steven Walker36, Ross White 35, Ngawai Amoamo 34, Lew Kerr 34, Brent McKillop 34. Nearest the Pins: No. 2: Jascoe Ngaia; No. 6: Maria Gebert; No. 13: Steven Walker; No. 15: Trevor Harris; No.18 Ryken Kingi.  Longest Drives: Women age 0-50: Rita Maxwell (Drawn); Women age 51-60: Sarge Tiopira; Women age 61-69: Kala Reeve; Women age 70+: Lyndsay Maxwell; Men age 0-50: Ryken Kingi; Men age 51-60: Brent McKillop; Men age 61-69: Peter Gleeson; Men age 70+: Robbie Petersen. Chrunchie Bars: Women: Lyndsay Maxwell.  Men: Peter Gleeson. Two’s: Ngawai Amoamo x2, Ryken Kingi, Steven Walker, Trevor Harris, Jascoe Ngaia.  The overcast weather may have put a few people off but we had a nice turn out for our grandparent tournament with 15 men in the field and 16 ladies. Sarge’s new irons are paying dividends as she has another trophy to add to her cabinet this year. We are all very pleased for Ray for taking out the grandfather’s trophy since he wasn’t able to close the deal on the last two finals he was in. Maria’s great shot on no. 6 represented her overall great score with 39 stableford points. Ryken left his name all over the course and his shot on no. 18 was close enough that he would have been hoping for a hole in one. Despite taking out the longest drives in their respective categories, both Peter and Lyndsay took home the crunchies.

Saturday 1st August:  Tatana Koopu 66, Hilton Rogers 67, John McKain 67, Peter Gleeson 68, Shane Malloy 69, Charlie Hayes 69, Milton Kiri 71. Twos: Brent McKillop, Shane Malloy, Charlie Hayes. Waiotahi Nearest the pin No.6: Hilton Rogers; Opotiki Drainlayers nearest the pin No. 18 Shane Malloy; Ray Shove nearest the pin No.13 Brent Mckillop. Crunchie Bar: Dion Reeve.  Juniors: Hasley Howe 66, Charlie Haywood crunchie bar. Good to see Tatana bounce back from his poor showing last week to take out the top prize. Hilton managed to drag Ross through to the final of the Simpsons with a Nett 67. Peter and Dennis took out the hot favourites of Lew and Elvis to also make the Simpsons final. Good to see Koro Milt back in the field after a long layoff.

Saturday 25th July: Best Stablefords - Garth Carlyon 42, Ross White 39, Trevor Harris 38, Dennis Newey 38, Wayne Morrow 37, David Moore 37, Sam Howe 37, Hilton Rogers 36, Tom Henwood 36, Kew Kerr 35, Milton Loveridge 35. Twos: Brent McKillop, David Moore, Hamish Maxwell, Denis Newey, Kevin McMillan, Blair Draper, Ross White, Tom Henwood. Waiotahi Nearest the pin No.6: Tom Henwood; Opotiki Drainlayers nearest the pin No. 18 Ryken Kingi; Ray Shove nearest the pin No.13 Charlie Hayes; Crunchie Bar: Tatana Koopu. Juniors: Hasley Howe 37, Aiden Reeve 35, Charlie Haywood crunchie bar.  All the practice that Garth has been doing with Sandra has paid off with a great 42 points. Ross and Hilton would have been hard to beat both appearing in the prize list this week. With the form Trevor and Wayne were in they would have been difficult to beat even if Andrew had not been injured.

Saturday July 18th : Twos: Trevor Harris, Denis Newey, Bruce Hawtin, David Moore, Micky Huriwaka. No.6 Waiotahi Nearest the Pin: Bruce Hawtin. No.13 Ray Shove Nearest the Pin: Micky Huriwaka. No.18 Opotiki Drainlayers Nearest the Pin: Tom Henwood. Crunchie Bar: Joe Honotana. Mens Results (Best Nett): Elvis Kelsall 64, Tatana Koopu 65, Dion Reeve 67, Lew Kerr 69, Terry Mulhern 69, Charlie Hayes 70, Brent McKillop 71, Bruce Hawtin 71, Glenn Steenson 71, David Moore 72, Ross White 72, Garth Carlyon 72. Juniors Results. Winner: Kopua Robinson. Crunchie: Aiden Reeve

Good to see our new members playing very well. Elvis Kelsall extremely well and produced a good score. Second week in a row Tatana Koopu was on the prize list. These guys are going to come down real quick. Dion Reeve had a great round with 71 off the stick making 67 nett, that practice is paying off, unfortunately, the cows are coming in so less time for golf.

Women's Results: No results for Wednesday, July,13 due to bad weather.  Saturday, July 18 - Haggle: 1,Rita Maxwell Nett 71; 2, Sarndra Tiopira 73; 3, Debbie McKillop 75; 4, Kris Shove 76. Nearest the Pin Suzanne Nelson No 18; Mandy Walker; Ray Shove No 6: Kala Reeve ( drawn).  Crunchie Bar; Susan Gleeson

Saturday 11 July, 2020: Twos:  Kevin McMillan, Tom Henwood, Denis Newey, David Moore, Ross White.  No.6  Waiotahi Nearest the Pin: Terry Mulhern; No.13 Ray Shove Nearest the Pin: Tom Henwood; No.18 Opotiki Drainlayers Nearest the Pin: Colin Kemeys; Qualifying round for Simpson’s pairs on combined nett. Best individuals scores (Nett): Kevin McMillan, 70; Glenn Stenson, 70; Colin Kemeys, 72; Dion Reeve, 72; Michael Kemeys (Omanu), 73; Tim Hickey,73; Tom Henwood, 73; Hilton Rodgers, 73; Wayne Morrow, 73; Bruce Hawtin, 73. Kevin is enjoying a great run of form even if he was a bit wayward on 14, he still managed to score a six. Glen Steenson managed to use up all the luck in his group to shoot 70 nett after a long layoff from golf. Trevor is relieved Wayne finally got his act together and was able to carry them to qualifying for the Simpsons. 

Congratulations to Hilton Rodgers and Terry  Mulhoun for taking out the four ball best ball over Raymond Shove and Lew Kerr. Congratulations also to Bruce Hawtin and Bob Papuni for winning the plate against Ross White and John McKain

Saturday 4th July. Twos: Charlie Hayes, Dion Reeve, Joe Honotana; No.6 Waiotahi Nearest the Pin: Charlie Hayes; No.13 Ray Shove Nearest the Pin: Kevin McMillan; No.18 Opotiki Drainlayers Nearest the Pin: Dennis Newey; Crunchie bar: Blair Draper.
Best stablefords; Dion Reeve 38, Kevin McMillan 38, Ray Shove 37, Tatana Koopu 36, Brent McKillop 34, Shane Malloy 34, Ngawai Amoamo 34, Hamish Maxwell 34.
Unfortunately Trevor could not carry Wayne two weeks in a row for the four ball best ball so Hilton and Terry go through to the final against Ray and Lew. This should be a very even match over 36 holes. Dion and Kevin enjoyed the conditions taking out the haggle with 38 points. It was great to see one of our new member Tatana Koopu taking out one of the prizes.

Final of Four Ball Best Ball Scheduled for Sunday 12 July.

Women's Results: A great turn out of Ladies this week!  Wednesday, July 1 - Haggle: 1, Jaquie Rogers 40; 2, Rita Maxwell 36; 3, Jodi Greenall 33; 4, Glenys Hayes 32; Suzanne Nelson nearest the pin; Jodi Greenall; Saturday, July 4 - Haggle: 1, Suzanne Nelson 29 Putts; 2, Sarndra Tiopira 30; 3, Lyndsay Maxwell 31; 4, Rita Maxwell 31 c/b; 5, Glenys Hayes 31: Nearest the pin: Ray Shove on No. 6: Vicki Morrow, Two's : Sandra Carlyon.  Captain's Matchplay Rd 2: Polly White over Lyndsay Maxwell; Kura McMillian over Sarndra Tiopira; Karen Trafford over Sharon Howe by default

Coming Up: Saturday, July 11 and Wednesday, July 15 - Area Stableford Rd 3, Dorothy Hedley

Saturday 20th June, 2020:  Twos:  Trevor Harris, Wayne Morrow, Charlie Hayes; No.6  Waiotahi Nearest the Pin: Lew Kerr; No.13 Ray Shove Nearest the Pin: Kevin McMillan; No.18 Opotiki Drainlayers Nearest the Pin: Tom Henwood; Crunchie bar: Harold Ruff. Best Netts: Bain McKay 69, Tom Henwood 70, Ryken Kingi 70, Terry Mulhern 71, Wayne Morrow 72, John McKain 72, Kevin McMillan 72, Lew Kerr.  The weather cleared so we could get around without getting wet. Bain took advantage of the good conditions taking out the haggle with a 69 nett. Tom and Ryken followed close behind on 70 nett. Harold on his first day back after lockdown got to go home with a prize, well done Harold.

Sunday 21st, 2020:  Captains Match-play final over 36 holes played in wet, soggy conditions this Sunday morning : Congratulations to Tom Henwood who defeated Ray Shove on the 34th hole. Commiserations to Ray. Tom was 3 up at one stage but Ray battled back to be just 1 down with 5 to play. Then on that well renowned, and treacherous, No 14, not called the Wrecker for no good reason, disaster for Ray as he went OB, messed up 15 and 16 and Tom sneaked in. Tom says Ray lost the last three holes rather than him winning them, but a good match. The weather unfortunately kept the crowd away!! Picture:  On the 7th with Ray waiting for a big hook from Tom!


Saturday 6th June: Twos: Hayden White, Sam Howe, Tom Henwood, Julian Lee, Steven Fisher; No.6  Waiotahi Nearest the Pin: Julian Lee; No.13 Ray Shove Nearest the Pin: Steven Fisher; No.18 Opotiki Drainlayers Nearest the Pin: Bruce Hawtin. Crunchie bar: Keiren Hickey. Best Stablefords: Sam Howe 39, Dennis Newey 36, Bain McKay 35, Brent McKillop, Terry Mulhern,Tom Henwood 34, Steve Walker, John McKain, Bruce Hawtin, Milton Loveridge, Barry Howe 33.

Women's ResultsWednesday, June 3 - Haggle: Winner Vicki Morrow Nett 71, R/Up Polly White 74. Nearest the pin - Suzanne Nelson on 15 : Polly white. Saturday, June 6 - Haggle: Winner Lyndsay Maxwell 29 Putts, 2nd Glenys Hayes 29, 3rd Kate Morrison, 4th Vicki Morrow. Nearest the pin - Suzanne Nelson on 18:Susan Gleeson; Ray Shove on 6: Kate Morrison (drawn)

March - June:  All Club competitions suspended due to COVID19 restrictions.

Saturday 29th February: Men’s Shoot-Out 2020. Thirty-two entrants for qualification to find the top 19 to contest this years shoot out.  As usual some big surprises! Number 1 surprise was Trevor Harris going out on number 1. But the bolter was Lew Kerr snatching a great win on 18 from Darrin Maxwell. In the process leaving more fancied horses in his wake. Full results, from No 18 (winner and runner up) backwards:
No 18 Winner - Lew Kerr; Runner up - Darrin Maxwell
No 17 Milton Kiri
No 16 Tom Henwood
No 15 Harold Ruff
No 14 Joe Honatana
No 13 Denis Newey
No 12 Wayne Morrow
No 11 Andrew Morrison
No 10 Butch Tuoro
No 9 Ryken Kingi
No 8 Robbie Petersen
No 7 Kevin McMillan
No 6 Charlie hayes
No 5 Hamish Maxwell
No 4 John Mckain
No 3 Shane Malloy
No 2 Bruce Hawtin
No 1 Trevor Harris

Ladies shoot out was won by Sarge. Runner up Marilyn. Winner of the lucky draw 1st prize Waimanawa, 2nd prize Kala. Congratulations and a big thank you to all 19 ladies who played. It was an awesome day, lots of laughs, lots of nervous shots. Special thanks to Vicki and Cushla for running the day, and Micky who helped us out as well.

Thursday 2nd January, 2020: Half-a-Beast-at-Least Holiday Competition:  An excellent field of some 100 visitors and locals enjoyed a good day in warm humid conditions competing for a great prize table generously donated by Dion and Lisa Reeve, supported by Paul (Skip) Brown.   Despite the heat the on-course BBQ was a great attraction with superb venison and sausage sandwiches washed down with cold refreshments.  Many thanks to all those for their help with the BBQ and drinks, and to Damien Zeier for looking after bullseye punt on the Donga No 6 hole.  

Longest drives:  Women 0-50, Veronica Phipps; 51-65 Polly White; 66+ Marilyn Harris.    Men 0-50 Howard Maxwell; 51-65, John McKain; 66+ Charlie Hayes.  Nearest pins: Mens open No 2, Andrew Morrison; No 15, Denis Newey; Women’s open No 13, Sarndra Tiopira, No 18, Sarndra Tiopira, and Non-handicap No 6, Terry Meacher. Two’s:  Andrew Bonner, Charlie Hayes, Brad Williams, Denis Newey, Same Howe, Howard Maxwell, Andrew Morrison, Ray Johnson.

Best Stablefords:  Div 1 -  Howe, Sam 42, Maxwell, Darin 42, McKain, John 41; McKay, Bain 40; Crarer, Mathew39; Fisher, Steven 39; Newey, Denis 39; Hayes, Charlie 38; Moore, Loki 38; White, Ross 37; Hudson, Mack, 37; Henwood, Tom, 37; Huriwaka, Micky 37; Maxwell, Howard 36; Maxwell, Hamish 36 .  Div 2- Robbie Petersen 47; Tane Howe 46; Marcas Abraham 41; Shane Malloy 41; Stanley Smith 40; Peter J Gleeson 40; Julian Lee 40; Ryken Kingi 39; William R Copeland 39; Glenn Keith Phipps 38; Colin Kemeys 38; Wetini Mokomoko 38; Joe Honatana 37; Trevor Harris 37; Michael Davies 37; Andrew Morrison 37; Paul Nixon 36; Robert Selwyn  36; Lew Kerr 36; Doug Haswell   36.  Womens Div - Rita Maxwell 42; Veronica Phipps 40; Gail Stables 40; Karen Trafford 39; Fiona Keegan 39; Glenys Hayes 38; Maria Gebert 38; Polly White 36; Jodi Greenall 36;Sarndra Tiopira 35.  Non-Handicap Div - Melanie McKay, Kurt Margerson, Mark Clarke. Best Gross: Women – Glenys Hayes, 85;  Men – Sam Howe, 70. 

Saturday 7th December: Opotiki Golf Club Waiotahi Hams Tournament - sponsored by Waiotahi Contractors along with McFall Fuels, Opotiki Tyres and Castrol. 

Results -  Nearest the Pins: Number 2 - Tyler Van Asselt; Number 6 - Val Loveridge; Number 13 - Rangi Leabourn; Number 15 - Blair Draper; Number 18 - Owen St George

Longest Drives: 0-25 - Glenys Hayes; 26+ - Waimanawa Robinson; 0-11 - Tua August; 12-16 - Tipi Ruru; 17+ - Kade Erceg; 

Twos: Hilary Corbett, Sarndra Tiopira, Materoa Philip, Richard Hayes, Tyler Van Asselt, Max Palamo, Armstrong Masters, Terry Robb, Tyson Tawera, Anthony Pahina, Crete Wana, Len Zeier, Peter Mortleman, Hasley Howe

Gross winners: Women - Polly White - 84; Division One - Jordan Rangihika - 69; Division Two - Tom Henwood - 73; Division Three - Wayne Morrow; 

Nett Winners: Women - Veronica Phipps - 59; Division One - Ross White - 63; Division Two - Ray Shove - 63; Division Three - Lou Kerr - 63; 

Stableford Winners: Women - Kristine Shove - 42, Rita Maxwell - 42, Val Loveridge - 42, Yan Pin Sun - 41, Denise Johnston - 40, Valerie Grace - 40, Kala Reeve - 39

Division One - Tuakana August - 40, John McKain - 40, Armstrong Masters - 40, Aaron Rangihika - 39, Hika Kingi - 39, Charlie Hayes - 38, Micky Huriwaka - 38

Division Two - Bruce Hawtin - 41, Ngawai Amoamo - 39, Trevor Harris - 39, Chris Badcok - 39, Bain McKay - 38, Steven Walker - 38, Peter Johnston - 38

Division Three - Shane Malloy - 43, Andrew Morrison - 42, Peter Mortleman - 40, Maurice Tuoro - 38, Joe Honatana - 38, Michael Lack - 38, Kerry Flay - 37

Rangatahi Division - Makau Phipps - 51, Hasley Howe - 49, Tane Howe - 45, Elijah Huriwaka - 41, Karlos Howe - 38

Robbie Peterson and Spike Peterson’s Waiotahi Contractors team managed to pull out another stunning day for the Waiotahi Hams Tournament and the course and greens team did a fabulous job getting the course ready. The field was larger than expected with over 200 registered (including the late registration of a busload from Gisborne because of an email that went astray).  However, all good and the day went off without a hitch. It was great to have visitors from Tologa Bay to Tauranga and everywhere in between. In the end 190 players entered their cards competing for the impressive Hams prize table.   There were some great scores produced so a few handicaps will be getting slashed. The Phipps' will have more ham they can eat with both Veronica and Makau topping their divisions. Tom Henwood had a stunning round of golf with 73 off the stick. A big thanks to all our sponsors who made the day possible.

Sunday 3rd November:  Closing Day and prize giving. Prize winners :

Captains plate (T), Dennis Newey ;  Captains runner up, Charlie Hayes;  Captains (T) ,Peter Gleeson               

4BBB runner up, Peter Gleeson & Dennis Newey;  4BBB winners (T), Ryken Kingi & Harold Ruff                                                                                                

Medal cup runner up, Wayne Morrow ; Medal cup (T), Bob Papuni                                   

Patrons runner up , Bruce Hawtin ; Patrons Stableford (T), Hamish Maxwell                                         

K cup (T),  Micky Huriwaka (66)                           

Presidents Cup runner up,  Harold Ruff ; Presidents Cup (T) , Bruce Hawtin                                               

Shootout (T) ,  Ray Shove                                                     

Summer Cup (T) , Shane Malloy

Simpsons plate,  Micky Huriwaka & Loki Moore; Simpsons runner up , Kevin McMillan & Wayne Morrow ; Simpsons (T), Jock Butler & Elijah Huriwaka                        

Marquevue Cup best one round net (T),  Bruce Hawtin ; Heginbotham Cup best three round Nett (T) , Bruce Hawtin                                                          

Veterans runner up,  Peter Gleeson ; Veterans Winner (T) ,  Charlie Hayes                                               

Grandfathers (T), Jeremy Paruru

All irons (T),   not contested

Match Play L: Junior B runner up ,  Lew Kerr , Junior B Champ (T),  Stan Smith  ;  Junior A plate , Peter Gleeson ;  Junior A runner up , Loki Moore. Junior A Champ (T), Bruce Hawtin.      Intermediate plate , Hamish Maxwell; Intermediate  runner up, Tim Hickey ; Intermediate Champ (T), Ross White.  Senior plate ,  Charlie Hayes ; Senior runner up , Paul Brown ; Senior Champ (T), Micky Huriwaka ; Stroke Play:   Junior,  Bruce Hawtin ;  Intermediate,  Hamish Maxwell;   Senior, Micky Huriwaka                                                         

Saturday 2nd November: Twos: Bruce Hawtin, Brent McKillop; Nearest the pin: No.6 Bruce Hawtin; No.13 Damian Zeier; No.18 Charlie Hayes. Crunchie bar: Kopua Robinson. Ross White winner of two point jackpot. Ross White 46, Bruce Hawtin 44, Peter Gleeson 44, Brent McKillop 42, Wayne Morrow 41, Charlie Hayes 41, Trevor Harris 40, Andrew Morrison. Upcoming events: Saturday 9th Nov Waikohu Tournament. Saturday 16th Nov Hinehopu Tournament. Shootout starts 9 Nov draw to be done on the day

Saturday 26th October:   Opotiki Golf Club Results Opotiki Eastern Bay Maori Tournament. Twos: Chalrie Hayes x 2, Merv Green, Ngawai Amoamo, Morgan Vipond, Matt Dalton, Harold Ruff, Shane Malloy, Hamish Maxwell, Christine Gasgoine. Nearest the pin: No.6 Micky Huriwaka; No. 2 Hinera Hohepa; No.13 Steven Walker; No.15 Jobey Hudson; No.18 Shane Malloy
Longest Drive Women: Under 15 Shaynee Biddle-Tai; 16-55 Jascoe Ngaia; 56-65 Glenys Hayes; 66+ Jessie Tahana
Longest Drive Men: Under 15 Kopua Robinson; 16-55 Hamish Maxwell; 56-65 Ross White; 66+ Garth Carlyon
Lucky Card draw winner: Ross White which is a free entry into the National Maori Tournament.
Womens Division: Veronica Phipps 41 by count back  over Kala Reeve 41, Jascoe Ngaia 40, Shaynee-Biddle-Tai 38, Christine Gasgoine 37, Mandy Walker 36.
Mens division 1:Charlie Hayes 41, Harold Ruff 39, Tom Henwood 39, Morgan Vipond 37, Jobey Hudson 37, Ross Tukaki 36.
Mens Division 2: Wayne Morrow 43 by count back over Butch Tuoro and Shane Malloy 43, Loki Moore 42, Garth Carlyon 38, Francis Gasgoine 37, Bruce Hawtin 37, Stephen Walker 36.
Thanks to the Opotiki golf club for hosting this annual event which is rotated between all the EBOP clubs. 58 were in the field with 7 juniors included. The course is in magnificent condition and we had great weather as well. There was good scoring. One of our juniors Shaynee Biddle-Tai had a great day coming 4th in the ladies division and out driving a number of the ladies. She shows a lot of talent which bodes well for the future.

Saturday 19th October: Opotiki New World Tournament: Twos: David Read, Mogan Vipond, Hayden White, Ray Shove. Nearest the pin: No.6 Val Loveridge; No.13 Sandra Carlyon; No.15 Ross White; No.18 Ryken Kingi.  Longest Drive, 0-11 Darin Maxwell; 12-16 John McKain; 17- Andrew Morrison. Womens Division: Janice Hustler 40, Veronica Phipps 38, Kala Reeve 37, Shaynee Biddle-Tai 36, Val Loveridge 36. Men Division 1: Blair Draper by countback 40, Ross White 40, John McKain 40, Dion Reeve 39, Tom Henwood 38, Darin Maxwell 38. Mens Division 2: Julian Lee 41,  Lew Kerr 40, Garth Carlyon 40, Butch Tuoro 39, Andrew Morrison 36, Wayne morrow 36. Thanks to Opotiki New World for sponsoring our tournament. Conditions were windy but the rain held off. Despite the wind some good scores were posted in all divisions.

Sunday 13th October:  Club Matchplay Finals: Senior Men: Micky Huriwaka won 10 and 9 over Paul Brown. Intermediate Men: Ross White won by default over Tim Hickey. Junior Men: Bruce Hawtin won 2 up over Loki Moore. Junior B: Stan Smith won 7 and 6 over Lew Kerr. Senior women: Tyla Kingi beat Glenys Hayes. Intermediate women: Polly White won 2 up over Jascoe Ngaia. Junior women: Lois Margerison won 3 and 2 over Val Loveridge. Plate Junior Men: Peter Gleeson won one up over Joe Honatana. Plate Intermediate men: Hamish Maxwell won over Marcus Abraham. Plate Senior Men: Charlie Hayes won one up over Darin MaxwellThere was  a great turnout of spectators to watch the championship finals and they were entertained with some stunning golf. Unfortunately Paul Brown was not able to defend his title with Micky Huriwaka doing enough to win much to the pleasure of the Ngati ira entourage.  Match of the day was in the Junior division with Bruce Hawtin playing Loki Moore( some 63 years in age difference) . It was  a very intense final with the highest margin between them being 2 holes. The match went back and forth however age and experience won out on the day. Tyla beat her nanny again driving the ball long and straight. Polly and Jascoes match was very close however Polly sunk some great putts on the closing holes to win on the last hole.  Val Loveridge playing in her first final narrowly lost to Lois Margerison.  Congratulations to all the winners.

Photos: Intermediate Women Jascoe Ngaia and Polly White. Senior Men (arms around each other) Paul Brown and Micky Huriwaka,  Junior Men (older man and teenager) Bruce Hawtin and Loki Moore.


Saturday 12th October: Twos: Dennis newey, Loki Moore, Skip Brown x 2, Ray Shove x2. Nearest the pin: No 6 Waiotahi Contractors: Loki Moore; No 13 Ray Shove: Micky Huriwaka; No 18 Opotiki Drainlayers: Ryken Kingi; Mens Stablefords: Andrew Morrison 44, Ryken Kingi 42,, David Moore 42, Dennis Newey 42, Robbie Petersen 40, Mike Lack 39, Lew Kerr 39.  Two point jackpot was won by Andrew Morrison and the twos jackpot by Skip Brown and Ray Shove.

Saturday 5 October: Club Champs matchplay 3rd round. Twos: Garth Carlyon, Damian Zeier, Skip Brown, Steven Fisher, Ross White, Milton Kiri, Harold Ruff, Loki Moore, Steven Walker, Bruce Hawtin. Nearest the pin: No 6 Waiotahi Contractors: Loki Moore; No 13 Ray Shove: Milton Loveridge; No 18 Opotiki Drainlayers: Steven Walker. Best Stablefords:  Stan Smith 42, Skip Brown 40, Dennis Newey 40, Kevin McMillan 38, Pama Walker 38, Milton kiri 37, Tim Hickey 37, Shane Malloy 37, Robbie Petersen 37, Milton Loveridge 37. Match Play Seniors: Micky ended Koro Milts run of good form and Skip beat Damian in a good battle to make the final on Sunday. Juniors: Loki was on fire over the first nine holes to be 6 up on the old Patron Robbie. Loki will need to work on his stamina for the finals against experienced record holding finalist Bruce.

Club Champs matchplay 2nd round Saturday 28 September: Twos: Trevor Harris, Darin Maxwell, Charlie Hayes, Dennis Newey, John McKain, Loki Moore, Tim Hickey, Ray Shove. Nearest the pin: No 6 Waiotahi Contractors: Ryken Kingi; No 13 Ray Shove: Dennis Newey; No 18 Opotiki Drainlayers: Darin Maxwell. Best Stablefords: Peter Gleeson 44, Milton Kiri 43, Skip Brown 43, Tim Hickey 42, Joe Honatana 41, Hamish Maxwell 41, Damon Hudson 41, Shane Malloy 41, John McKain 40, Charlie Hayes 40, Trevor Harris 40, Steven Walker 40, Darin Maxwell 40. Match Play Seniors: Koro Milt had a good win over Charlie Hayes, Micky Huriwaka came back from a long way down to win on the 19th and Damien prevailed over Darin Maxwell on the 19th and Brent couldn't catch Skip Brown who raced out ahead and couldn't be caught. Intermediates: Barry Howe ousted Harold Ruff on the 20th hole, Tim Hickey had 26 points on the back nine to blow Ray Shove out of the water, John McKain was too hot for Denis Newey and Ross White birdied the last hole to beat David Moore on the 18th. Juniors: Our patron Robbie Petersen cleaned up the president Julian Lee, Steven Walker has made it to the semis with a win over Milton Loveridge. The form horse Bruce Hawtin is still looking good after a win over Glen Steenson, however the dark horse will be Loki Moore who played with the club captain who was suitably impressed by his course management. JuniorB: Mike Lack beat Aims game champ Daimin Hudson.

Saturday 31st August:  Twos: M Huriwaka, H Ruff, J McKain, G Carlyon;  Nearest the pin: No 6 Waiotahi Contractors: Blair Draper; No 13 Ray Shove: John McKain; No 18 Opotiki Drainlayers: Harold Ruff: Men (Net) : H Maxwell 66, M Huriwaka 70, H Ruff 70, P Gleeson 70, C Hayes 71, R White 71, D Maxwell 71, M Kiri 71. Winners of the Stroke Play Championships: Senior Division 1: Micky Huriwaka; Intermediate Division 2: Hamish Maxwel; Junior Division 3: Bruce Hawtin

Sunday 25th August. Twos: Wayne Morrow, Tim Hickey, Charlie Hayes, Damian Zeier x 2, Skip Brown 6, Micky Huriwaka x2. 2 point jackpot Bruce Hawtin; Nearest the pin: No 6 Waiotahi Contractors: Lew Kerr; No 13 Ray Shove: Micky HuriwakaNo 18 Opotiki Drainlayers: Barry Howe. Men (Best Nett) - Rd 2 Mens Champion stroke play: B Hawtin 62, W Morrow 64, M Huriwaka 66, L Kerr 66, C Hayes 67, M Abraham 67, H Maxwell 68, M Kiri 68, T Harris 68.  Saturday 24th August: Twos: H Ruff, R Shove, B Hawtin, M kiri, M Huriwaka, G Steenson. Nearest the pin: No 6 Waiotahi Contractors: Koro Milt; No 13 Ray Shove: Bruce Hawtin; No 18 Opotiki Drainlayers: Jeremy Paruru. Men (best Net) - Rd 1 Mens Champion stroke play: S Smith 64, H Ruff 65, B Hawtin 65, W Morrow 65, M Huriwaka 69, B McKillop 69, H Maxwell 69, M kiri 69, D Moore 69, B Draper 69, G Steenson 69, D Zeier 70. A good turn out for the club stroke play competition with some great scores recorded.  Meat pack Stan Smith produced the score of the day to lead the Junior B comp only to be knocked off the perch by Lew Kerr after Sundays 2nd round. Jean Hawtin won't have to go to work this week after Bruce won the jackpot after his score of 62 to be the runaway leader in the Junior division, however Wayne Morrow might bring back some of his old form to mount a challenge. Intermediates is per usual a closer contest with at least 6 players in close contention. In the senior division Micky Huriwaka is in a class of his own being one under par for his two rounds so is odds on to take it out.

Saturday 17th August: Twos: D Newey and M Huriwaka; Nearest the pin: No 6 Waiotahi Contractors: Koro Milt; No 13 Ray Shove: Dennis Newey; No 18 Opotiki Drainlayers: Dennis Newey.  Stablefords: T Mulhern 42, T Harris 39, L Kerr 38, M Kiri 38, S Smith 37, B Tuoro 37, M Lack 37, D Newey 37, N Amoamo 37, H Maxwell 37. This week's results show the junior division of the championship will be hard fought next week for the opening round, with Terry Mulhern and T Harris looking to be in fine form. Lew Kerr returned home from holiday and started strong but faded towards the end of his round for his 38 points. It is good to see meat pack Stan Smith back in form ready for next week.

Saturday 3rd August:   Opotiki Men. A useful field turned out in sunny but blustery conditions for Saturdays game.  Notables were Milton Loveridge with 44 Stableford points just missing out on the Stableford jackpot on the 18th where he three putted.  Hard luck Milton!  Also, a feast of twos on the par 3’s by Brent McKillop and the twos jackpot, shared with Damian Zeier.  Twos:  Denis Newey, 15; Brent McKillop, 6,13 and 18; Micky Huriwaka, 13; Jock Butler, 13; Denis Newey, 6,13. Closest to the pins:  Brent McKillop, Waiotahi No6; Damien Zeier, Ray Shove No13; Damien Zeier, Opotiki Drainlayers No18.  Best Stablefords:  Milton Loveridge (44); followed by Micky Huriwaka, Joe Honatana, Jock Butler, Harold Ruff, Damien Zeier, Peter Gleeson and Jeremy Paruru all in the prizes.

Saturday July 27th:  Twos: Terry Reeve. Nearest the Pins: No.6 Opotiki Drainlayers: Charlie Hayes; No.13 Ray Shove: Milton Kiri; No. 18: Waiotahi Contractors: David Moore.  Best Net: Wayne Morris 67, Milton Loveridge 68, Joe Honatana 69, Charlie Hayes 70, David Moore 70, Makau Phipps 71, Charles Papuni 71, Mike Lack 71.

Saturday 13th July, 2019  - Opotiki Drainlayers  and Codlins Electrical open tournament.  Fine weather brought out the locals and visitors with 60 plus in the field to support the Opotiki Drainlayers and Codlin Electrical tournament in its second year. Jock Butler had a good day fending off Dion Reeve to win the Gross by count back. Loki Moore had the best stableford of the day with 44 and young Makau Phipps coming in 2nd in division 3. With these youngsters coming through the grades the club is in good hands. However even the old guys of Ross White, Tom Henwood, Ray Shove and Pete Gleeson are still posting good scores. In the women's division one of our newer golfers Veronica Phipps played very well on 38 points with Sharon Howe close behind on 37 having a good day. The winner of the heat pump drawn from all players still in the club house was Sharon Howe, congratulations Sharon and thanks to the sponsors for their continued support.

Twos: Jock Butler, Terry Reeve. Women's Division stablefords: Veronica Phipps 38, Sharon Howe 37, Sarge Tiopira 31, Marilyn Harris 31, Janice Hustler 30, Kala Reeve 30, Mandy Walker 30. Mens Division: Jock Butler Gross winner 76.  Division 1 : Ross White 42, Ray Shove 39, David Moore 36, Dion Reeve 36, Morgan Vipond 36. Division 2: Tom Henwood 40, Marcus Abraham 36, Bruce Hawtin 36, Tipi Ruru 35, Blair Draper 35. Division 3: Loki Moore 44, Makau Phipps 37, Peter Gleeson 37, Andrew Morrison 35, Terry Reeve 33. Longest Drive:  Division 1: Paul Brown.  Division 2: David Moore. Division 3: Loki Moore. Womens :  D1 Sarndra Tiopira, D2 Kris Shove.  Longest Putt: Gail Stables. Nearest the pin: Division 1: Dion Reeve;  Division 2: Harold Ruff;  Division 3: Loki Moore; Womens: D1 Marg Taia, D2 Sue Gleeson

Saturday 22nd June 22:  Match play, Simpsons Round 1; Haggle, Par round.  As winter sets in the course, with slippery greens not made easier with Ross and Polly continuing to set some tricky pin placements, is starting to reduce the number of bolters.  Congratulations to all the first-round winners of the Simpsons which requires both partners to play well (combined nett) with many games going the distance. Hard luck for the losers who have another chance in the Plate round.  Garth Carlyon, getting back into it, was best round of the day with +2 to par; followed by John McKain, also +2; and Club Captain, Hamish, +1.  These were the only ones to better par on handicap.  Others in the prizes (all on even par) were: Mickey Huriwaka, Joe Honatana, Kevin McMillan, and Bruce Hawtin. Twos: Ngawai Amoamo , Bain McKay, John McKain and Ross White.  Closest to the pins: Waiotahi Contractors No 6, Milton Kiri; Opotiki Drainlayers no 18, Dion Reeve; Bruce Shove No 13 and the cake, John McKain.   Great to see also the good group of Ladies that teed off just prior to the men. 

Saturday 8th June: Nearest the pin: Waiotahi No.6  Terry Mulhern; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 Eric Codlin; Ray Shove No. 13 Ross White. Twos: Tim Hickey, John McKain, Ross White, Wayne Morrow, Ryken Kingi x2 jackpot, Terry Mulhern. Reporter back on deck this week so we have some results, Ryken and Harold proved to be too good for Loki and Mickey so they progress along to the final along with the winners of the other half of the draw Denis Newey and Peter Gleeson who had a good win over Robbie Petersen and Colin Kemeys.  Ryken had a great day with a solid 46 points and 2 twos for the jackpot. Best Stablefords:  Ryken Kingi 46, Hamish Maxwell 40, John McKain 40, Denis Newey 38, Tom Henwood 36,, Terry Mulhern 36, Wayne Morrow 36, Bruce Hawtin 36, Brent McKillop 34, Charlie Hayes 34.

Saturday 4th May:  Round 3 Captains match play on handicap. Round three winners were: Ross White, Charlie Hayes, Julian Lee, Bob Papuni, George Young, Peter Gleeson.  Again, some close matches.  Congratulations to winners and hard luck to those missing out.  Round 4 starts to get into the gritty end of the comp.  Best stablefords on the day were: Charlie Hayes, 41 (Gross 71); John Kronast, 40; Andrew Morrison, 39; Steven Fisher, 38; Peter Gleeson 37; Robbie Peterson, 37 and Denis Newey, 36.  The rest all with a bit of work to do.  Twos: Trevor Harris, Goerge Young, Wayne Morrow.  Closest to pins: Waitotahi Contractors No. 6, Kevin McMillan; Ray Shove no. 13, Trevor Harris; Opotiki Drainlayers No. 18, Peter Gleeson.  Round 4 of Captains will be on May 25th, also R3 Medal Cup for men.

Saturday 13th April: Vets R1 Medal Cup R2. Twos: Tom Henwood x2, Steven Walker, Bain McKay. Nearest the pins: Waiotahi No.6  Len Zeier;  Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 Wayne Morrow; Ray Shove No. 13 George Young  Best nets: Steven Walker 65, Wayne Morrow 66, Bain McKay 67, Brent McKillop 69, Len Zeier 69, Bob Papuni 69.  Steven Walker was ruthless in his defeat of Glen Steenson showing no mercy despite it being Glens birthday, it didn't help that his wheels fell off his cart. It was a tough initiation into the competitive Vets grade for him. Looks like Wayne Morrow is on his way back and his handicap should be trending down again shortly. Bain McKay ensured the greens were to his liking scoring well. Skip had a well-deserved whiskey after losing on the 18th hole after being 4 up at the turn. Shame. Upcoming events. Easter weekend 20 April Jack Howe memorial tee off 12 noon. $20. All welcome

Saturday 23rd March, 2019: Twos: G Young,  C Hayes, H Maxwell; Nearest the pins: No.6  B Hawtin, No.18 E Codlin' No. 13 D Zeier. Best Stableford: Wayne Morrow 42, Bob Papuni 42, T Harris 40, A Morrison 40, M Abraham 40, M Loveridge 39, D Zeier 39, B Hawtin 39, J McKain 38, B Tuoro 38, J Butler 38, M kiri 38. We had a good field of 36 to contest the first round of the Captains trophy - match play on handicap. Congratulations to the winners moving to the next round. After the coring the greens are improving week by week. It won't be long until they are back to normal. Bob Papuni won the 2 point jackpot this week. Wayne Morrow shooting 42 points as well and Andrew Morrison having a good win over Paul Brown could be the man to beat.

Saturday, 16th February, 2019: Mens and Ladies Shoot-Out. 

Ladies:  Ladies started on # 9 with 11 starters. Winner Suzanne Nelson, runner up Polly White, 3rd Kura McMillan. Congratulations Sue. 

Men: 19 started, one left standing. After a long and hot day only the wily veteran Robbie Petersen, and the slightly less wily Ray Shove survived to the 18th hole. Unfortunately, Robbie went into the infamous Donga, and Ray prevailed to be the Clubs 2019 Shoot-out champion. Well done Ray. Others falling short in the Shoot Out were Shane Malloy, out on No. 17; Trevor Harris, out on No. 16, Ross White, out on No. 15. Well done guys for surviving that long. In the last man standing prize draw, first prize went to Barry Howe - very fitting as Barry went out on the No 1 hole, second ball out of bounds, and the remaining 18 all had a life! Runner up in the draw was Denis Newy (Denis went out on No 4, in a chip off with four others). This year even making the final 19 for the start line was not easy. With many of the initial entrants failing to make selection based on the best 2 net rounds from the 12 played over the summer months. Many thanks to Ross White for running this very successful and popular Club competition. Accolades though to the winner Ray Shove over Robbie Petersen on No. 18.  Photos - Ladies and Mens starters


Saturday 12th Jan, 2019: R9 Shootout and R3 Summer Cup: Good scoring once again as summer playing conditions kicks in. Best stablefords on the day were: Loki Moore, 48; Shane Malloy, 45; Ross White, 43; Robbie Petersen, 42; with Jock Morgan, George Young, Julian Lee, John McKain, Steven Fisher, Harold Ruff all on 40. Two players shared the two’s jackpot, Harold Ruff and Hayden White. Two’s also to Ross White, George Young and Micky Huriwaka.

Saturday 8th December: Shootout R4, and Stableford for the days competition:  Best Stablefords;  Butch Tuoro, 43; Michael lack 41; Shane Malloy 41; Charlie Hayes, 41; Joe Honatana, 40; Damien Zeier; Bruce Hawtin, 38, Terry Mulhern, 38; George Young, 38.  Twos: Damien, 2 and jackpot (No. 6 and 15); John Mckain, No. 13; Terry, No. 2; George, No. 15. 

Waiotahi Contractors Hams held on 1 December, 2018: A very successful Waiotahi Hams comp. and despite a number of cancellations because of the iffy weather over 160 competed on the day for a marvelous hams table. All kindly sponsored by Waiotahi Contractors and their suppliers, Castrol, McFall Fuel, and Opotiki Tyres. A big thank you from the club to those sponsors and to all those who competed. Over half the field got a ham, either through good play or a raffle. 

Top 10 results each category.  Men Gross: Div I, Zane Rangihika, 67; Jordan Rangihika 68; Adam Broadmore, 69; Hayden , 69; Marcus Loyd,70 Stewart Stephen, 71; Paul Brown,71; Harry Middleton, 72; Micky Huriwaka, 72; Tyler Van Asselt, 73; Div II, Mandu Pryor 76; Daniel Robb, 77; Denis Newey, 79; Hata Kaipara, 79; George Young, 79; Terry Robb, 79; Nick Swallow, 81; Chris Beattie, 81; Bain McKay, 81; Royden Trask, 82. Div III: Vivian Hahipene, 82; Terry Mulhern, 84; Terry Reeve, 84; Morgan Vipond, 85; William Copeland, 85; Steven Walker, 86; Glenn Paterson, 86; Julian Lee, 88; Charlie Uili Snr, 90; Shane Malloy, 91. Men Net: Div I - Flash Rowlands, 64; Dion Reeve, 65; Milton Kiri, 66; Jordan Rangihika, 66; Adam Broadmore, 67; Ross Revell; 67; George Brown, 67; Zane Rangihika, 67; Charlie Hayes, 67; Crete Wana, 67. Div II- Mandu Pryor, 63; Nick Swallow, 65; Daniel Robb, 65; Hata Kaipara, 66 ;George Young, 66; Denis Newe, 67; Royden Trask, 67; Max Harvey, 67; Terry Robb, 67; James Brodie, 68. Div III - Charlie Uili , 61; Terry Mulhern, 62; Vivian Hahipen, 63, Terry Reeve, 63; Morgan Vipond, 65; Steven Walker, 67; Shane Malloy, 67; Glenn Paterson, 67; William R Copeland, 67; Rhys Robb, 68. Men Stableford: Div I - Flash Rowlands, 42; Dion Reeve, 41, Milton Kiri, 40; Jordan Rangihika, 40; Adam Broadmore, 39; Ross Revell, 39; George Brown, 39; Zane Rangihika, 39; Crete Wana, 39; Paul Brown, 39. Div II - Mandu Pryor, 43; Nick Swallow, 4; Daniel Robb, 41; Hata Kaipara, 40; George Young, 40; Denis Newey, 39; Royden Trask, 39; Max Harvey, 39; Terry Robb, 39;James Brodie, 38. Div III - Charlie Uili , 45; Terry Mulhern, 44; Vivian Hahipene, 43; Terry Reeve, 43; Morgan Vipond, 41; William Copeland, 40; Rhys Robb, 39; Steven Walker, 39; Shane Malloy, 39; Glenn Paterson, 39. Women Gross: Tegan White, 78; Jascoe Ngaia, 79; Glenys Hayes, 80; Rangi Leabourn, 83; Polly White, 85; Louisa Hayward, 86; Karen Pocock, 86; Sharon Howe, 86; Yan Ping Sun, 87; Deborah McKillop, 87. Women Net: Jascoe Ngaia, 63; Glenys Hayes, 65; Marilyn Harris, 65; Rangi Leabourn, 65; Deborah McKillop, 66; Karen Pocock, 67; Yan Ping Sun, 67; Dianne Tahur, 69; Val Loveridge, 69; Papakura McMillan, 69. Women Stableford: Jascoe Ngaia, 44; Glenys Hayes, 42; Marilyn Harris, 42; Rangi Leabourn, 42; Deborah McKillop, 41; Yan Ping Sun, 40; Karen Pocock, 40; Dianne Tahur, 38; Val Loveridge, 38; Papakura McMillan, 38. TWOS: Rangi Leabourn, Tegan White, Jascoe Ngaia, Glenys Hayes. Aaron Rangihika, Dion Reeve, Zane Rangihika, Tere Lincoln, Milton Kiri, John McKain, Jordan Rangihika, Darin Maxwell, Stewart Stephen, Tyler Van Asselt, Terence Hunt, Terry Robb, Ivan Read, Hata Kaipara, Peter Mortleman, William R Copeland, Steven Walker.

Centenary weekend 2-4 November, 2018:  The Opotiki Golf Club Centenary celebration held over the weekend (2-4 November) was a huge success, despite mother nature doing her best to intervene, an enjoyable weekend was had by all.  Congratulations to those that managed to snare a prize, but mostly well done to everyone for participating on this historic occasion.   The weekend was tremendous reward for all the planning and hard work put in by Club members. The Club wishes to thank all those that contributed, and especially to all our sponsors.    Also special thanks to all our visitors from out of town, some of whom had traveled a considerable distance.  The Friday evening meet and greet, included a social 9-hole warm up game, was well attended and set the stage for the weekend.  The Saturday 18-hole competition with a field of over 100 got underway with a shot gun start in rather gloomy weather, the first 9-holes a little wet and cold, but this did not seem to deter some good scoring.   Prize giving followed prior to a more ‘formal’ dinner and entertainment evening.   Members, past and current, and associates of the Club provided some hilarious reminisces of past times over the Clubs colourful history, and these received much applaud.   Attendees toasted the Club for its next hundred years.   For those that would like to know about the Clubs history, its development and significant events, a published centenary book is available from the Club.

Opotiki Golf Club Centenary weekend results

9-hole meet and greet Friday 2nd November: Local Men: 1st Glen Steenson, 2nd Wayne Morrow, 3rd Shane Malloy 4th Charlie Hayes, 5th Tim Hickey, 6th Dion Reeve. Visitors men: 1st Alex McDonald, 2nd Peter McCarty, 3rd Harry Philpott, 4th Craig Purcell, 5th Lefty Wright, 6th Michael Andrews. Local Ladies: 1st Vicki Morrow, 2nd Glenys Hayes, 3rd Polly White, 4th Kris Shove. Visitors Ladies: 1st Leanne Clark, 2nd Trish Aplin, 3rd Gina Maruska, 4th Nettie Keepa. Twos: Bruce Hawtin, Lefty Wright, Damian Zeier, Wayne Morrow

18-hole Open centenary competition Saturday 3rd November:  Mens Gross Winner: Darrin Maxwell 71 by count back. Division 1 Nett winner: Aaron Rangihika. Stableford - 1st John McKain 39, 2nd Mike Andrews 39,3rd Mack Hudson 39, 4th Micky Huriwaka 37, 5th Steven Fisher 37. Division 2 Nett winner: Dennis Newey 64. Stableford - 1st Ray shove 40, 2nd Ngawai Amoamo 40, 3rd Tom Henwood 39, 4th Wayne Morrow 39, 5th Blair Draper 38. Division 3 Nett winner Michael Lack 64.  Stableford - 1st Lew Kerr 41, 2nd Declan Hickey 40, 3rd Morgan Vipond 39, 4th Robbie Petersen 38, 5th M Tuohy 38. Ladies Gross Winner Sharon Howe 84; Nett Winner Vicki Morrow 66. Stableford 1st Nettie Keepa 38, 2nd Kala Reeve 37, 3rd Kura McMillan 36, 4th Kris Shove 36, 5th Jocelyn Griffiths 35. Twos: Jobey Hudson, Thomas Johnson, Alex McDonald, Darrin Maxwell, John McKain, Steven Fisher, Aaron Rangihika, Ngawai Amoamo, Dennis Newey, Len Zeier, Tom Henwood, Shane Malloy, Lou Vipond, Jocelyn Griffiths, Jascoe Ngaia

Ambrose Teams Sunday 4th November:  Winners -  Team Robbie: Micky Huriwaka, Jock Butler, Morgan Vipond, Robbie Petersen, Kris Shove, Doris Petersen; 2nd Toothaches: Skip Brown, Milton Kiri, Bruce Hawtin, Harold Ruff.

Saturday 6th October.  Par round: Trevor Harris +8, Joe Honatna +5, Milton Loveridge +5, Lew Kerr +4, Butch Tuoro +3, Julian Lee +3, Dennis Newey +3, John McKain +3, Tim Hickey +3, Hamish Maxwell +3. Nearest the pin: Waiotahi Contactors No.6 Harold Ruff;  Ray Shove No.13 Bruce Hawtin; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18  Damian Zeier. Twos: Damian Zeier, Bruce Hawtin, Joe Honatana, Bain McKay, Milton loveridge, Brent McKillop, Trevor Harris

Opotiki Golf Club MATCH PLAY Championship results Sunday 7th October, 2018: The wet start didn't dampen the enthusiasm of those contesting the club championship finals. In the Junior b division young Morgan Vipond overwhelmed Lew Kerr in the final. Morgan didn't put a foot wrong in his convincing win over Lew. Junior Men saw Trevor Harris continue his hot vein of form shooting 78 in the first 18 holes. Trevor was leading by 3  at the half way point but ousted  John Kronast on the 30th hole. In the Intermediate women's division an excitingly even match between Haley Roache and Kris Shove showed 36 holes was not enough to separate them with Kris sinking a great putt to win on the 37th hole. Intermediate men's division was an intensely competitive match between Ross White and Jock Butler, on the run  home Ross managed to get 1 hole ahead. Ross  held off the charging youngster with a brilliant shot on the 33rd hole, both bogeying the 34th, both made brilliant saves up and down on the 35th and with each player under immense pressure on the 36th hole both players finding the green with Ross 15 feet away and Jock 6 feet from the hole. The old head calmly slotted the 15 footer down the green to take the win and deny Jock any chance.  Senior women division was contested by Polly White and Glenys Hayes. With Polly winning. Recent retiree Polly showed watching your husband work is good for your game. (Since he won the Intermediate mens its obviously good for his game too). Senior Men division was contested by Paul Brown and Charlie Hayes. Charlie had a slow start being 3 down after the first 3 holes but fought his way back to be all  square after 18 holes.  It took until the 27th hole for Paul to break the deadlock and go 1 ahead and then 2 up after the 30th. He held onto that lead to win on the 34th. This is a reverse of the result where they played each other 2 years ago. Congratulations to Paul he is the first one in recent history to win both the Senior Men's Match play and Stroke play in the same year. Photos below: Paul Brown and Charlie Hayes; Ross White and Jock Butler; John Kronast and Trevor Harris; Glenys Hayes and Polly White. 


Saturday 29th September:  Best Stablefords Butch Tuoro 40, Tim Hickey 40, Morgan Vipond 39, Milton Kiri 39, Peter Gleeson 39, John McKain 38, Trevor Harris 38, Terry Mulhern 38, Bruce Hawtin 37, Charlie Hayes 37,Ray Shove 37. Nearest the pinWaiotahi Contactors No.6 Bruce Hawtin; Ray Shove No.13 Milton Kiri; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18  John McKain; Twos: Cedric katene , Ross White, John McKain

The semifinals of club champs have been played with the finalists having been determined. In the Senior division Charlie Hayes beat the form player Micky Huriwaka. Just goes to show matchplay is a true equaliser with form meaning very little in a head to head competition. Intermediate division Rosco White will be playing young gun giant Jock Butler. In the Juniors Taihape kid Trevor Harris meets John Kronast who is finding form again at the end of the season. Junior B division another old boy Lew Kerr is taking on another young gun Morgan Vipond. Please note you don't have to get a two on 13 to get the cake.

Saturday 23rd September: Nearest the pin - Waiotahi Contactors No.6 Ross White; Ray Shove No.13 Trevor Harris; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18  Micky Huriwaka. Twos: Micky Huriwaka, Pete Gleeson, Ross White, Trevor Harris, David Moore. Best Stableford points: David Moore 44, Kevin McMillan 44, Micky Huriwaka 43, Stan Smith 42, Richie Howe 42, Bruce Hawtin 41, John McKain 41, John Kronast 40, Lew Kerr 39, Ross White 39, George Young 39. Another exciting round of matchplay played last Saturday the Semi finalists for the Seniors are Micky Huriwaka, Paul Brown, Charlie Hayes and Keanau Howe. In the Intermediate division Jock Butler continues his charge taking out Marcus Abraham. Better not practice during school time Jock or truancy officer Marcus will be after you. The battle between the boys from Paerata was taken out by Rosco on the 19th hole after a tremendous fight back to catch John McKain as Ross was dormy with 3 to play. Tom Henwood and David Moore complete that group of 4. Junior semi finalists are Butch Tuoro who has psyched out his opponents before tee times to have a smooth run through to the semis where he will meet the Taihape kid Trevor Harris, the last two are John Kronast and Shane Malloy. Junior B's divisions Bob Papuni took out Stan Smith and will meet Morgan Vipond in the semis along with Lew Kerr and Michael Lack. 

Saturday 15th September: Nearest the pin ; Waiotahi Contactors No.6 George Young; Ray Shove No.13 Jock Butler; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 Micky Huriwaka 
Twos: Brent McKillop, Robbie Petersen, Jock Butler, John Kronast, Tom Henwood, Hamish Maxwell.
Best stableford points: Julian Lee 41, Tom Henwood 41, John McKain 41, Peter Gleeson 40, Morgan Vipond 39, Jock Butler 39, Trevor Harris 39, Micky Huriwaka 38, Charlie Hayes 38, Brent McKillop 38, Shane Malloy 38, John Kronast 38, Harold Ruff 38.
First round of match play has been played and as usual there were some closely contested matches. Four matches went beyond 18 holes with a search party almost sent out to look for David Moore and Bruce Hawtin, with David winning. The Intermediate division had the number 1 seed knocked out by the 16th seed, with Jock Butler driving past the green on the 19th and then chipping in for a two. Nothing Harold could do about that. Robbie Petersen won on the 20th over his mate Colin Kemeys. This shows how close the competition is. We are now down to the final 8 in each division. Koro Milt overwhelmed Sam Howe to win on the 18th. Good to see Riley racing back from the Bay Open to contest the club champs but he was beaten by an on form Hayden White who was 4 under after the first 12 holes. 

Wednesday 12th September: Ladies Haggle Winners - Marilyn Harris, Sandra Carlyon Nett 70; N.T.P. (sponsored by Suzanne Nelson) - Sharon Howe.

Saturday 15th September: Ladies Haggle Winners - Polly White, Sharon Howe with 78 stableford points. N.T.P. - on 18 was Sarndra Tiopira

Sunday 9th September, 2018: Opotiki Women's Teams Tournament Sponsored by New World Opotiki and Mitre 10 Opotiki  
Winners - Polly white, Sarndra Tiopira ,Sharon Howe - 100 (Opotiki )
2nd - Lee-Ann Clarke, Jane Gordon , Claire Balderstone - 98 (Whakatane)
3rd - Netty Keepa, Dianne Tahuri, Zandra Hahipene - 97 ( Te Teko )
4th - Susan Gleeson, Irene Moore, Jocelyn Griffith - 96 ( Opotiki )
5th - Margaret Sullivan, Maggie Ferguson, Louisa Hayward - 96 ( Ohope )
6th - Jascoe Ngaia, Mandy Walker, Glenys Hayes - 93 (Opotiki )Best Individual Stableford - Glenys Hayes, 41 points. N.T.P - No 2 Sharon Howe; No 6 Jan Gibson; No 13 Vicky Morrow; No 15 Jane Gordon; No 18 Debbie McKillop. 2nd Best shot on the 5th hole 0-18 Glenys Hayes, 19-26 Debbie McKillop, 27+ Nettie Keepa. Two's - Jocelyn Griffith.

Saturday 8th September (Grandparents day): Nearest the pin, Waiotahi Contactors No.6 D Newey; Ray Shove No.13 H Ruff; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 B McKay 
Twos: H Ruff, K McMillan, Ray Shove, Glenys Hayes x2.
Mens Division:Ray Shove 41, Joe Honatana 38, Milton Kiri 38, Bruce Hawtin 36, Brent McKillop 36, Wayne Morrow 36, Shane Malloy 36, Trevor Harris 36 and Robbie Petersen 36.
Ladies Division: Glenys Hayes 39, Sharon Howe 35, Debbie McKillop 32.
There was a good turn out of grandfathers and grandmothers to contest the annual grandparents tournament. The Grandfather trophy went to Ray Shove with 65 Nett. Grandmothers was won by Glenys Hayes on 68Nett.

Saturday 1st September:  Paul Brown 61, Kevin McMillan 64, Morgan Vipond 64, Lew Kerr 65, David Moore 66, Micky Huriwaka 67, Ray Shove 67, Hamish Maxwell 67, Milton Loveridge 67, Tom Henwood 67.
Nearest the pin: Waiotahi Contactors No.6 Cedric Katene; Ray Shove No.13 Brent McKillop; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 Riley Sutherland 
Twos: Micky Huriwaka 3x, Skip Brown, Riley Sutherland, David Moore, Ray Shove, Barry Howe.
Mens Stroke play winners: Senior, Paul Brown; Intermediate, Harold Ruff; Junior, Robbie Petersen; Junior B Morgan Vipond 
There was an exciting finish to the Strokeplay especially in the Senior division with Paul Brown shooting 66, 4 under Par to beat Micky Huriwaka by 1 shot to take the trophy. Kevin McMillan and Morgan Vipond posted great scores, with Morgan just piping Lew kerr at the post to take the junior B honours. Harold Ruff coming out on top in the Intermediate division but was pushed hard by David Moore and John McKain in the final round. Robbie Petersen came out on top in the Junior division by 1 shot ahead of Shane Malloy.

Saturday 25th August: Nearest the pin: Waiotahi Contactors No.6 C Hayes; Ray Shove No.13 M Kiri; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 C Watson 
Twos: D Reeve, R White, B Howe, J McKain, C Hayes, T Henwood, C Watson, B Papuni. Best Netts: Lew Kerr 62, Charlie Hayes 65, Wayne Morrow 65, Tom Henwood 67, Terry Mulhern 67, Shane Malloy 68, Milton Loveridge 68, Marcus Abraham 69.
After two rounds of qualifying for club champs the standouts are Micky Huriwaka leading the pack in the Mens senior division from Paul Brown and old Charlie Hayes hanging in there with the young fellas. In the Mens Intermediate division Harold Ruff has a slender lead ahead of John McKain and Dennis Newey. Another solid round from Harold is required to hold them off. There is only 5 shots separating the top five in this division. In the Mens Junior Division Trevor Harris is only two shots ahead and is unable to play next round so it is a perfect opportunity for Terry Mulhern and Shane Malloy to overtake him. In division 4 Lew Kerr has had a cracking weekend with a Nett 62 and Nett 63 taking out both days in the Nett competition so he will be hard to beat although young Morgan Vipond could do it if he can keep his drives off the road and away from pedestrians.

Saturday 18th August:  Nearest the pin: Waiotahi Contactors No.6 Hamish Maxwell; Ray Shove No.13 Butch Tuoro; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 Skip Brown
Twos: Wayne Morrow x2, Richie Howe, Joe Honatana, Harold Ruff, Butch Tuoro, Hamish Maxwell
Best Stablefords: Charlie Hayes 42, Tom Henwood 42, Bob Papuni 41, Garth Carlyon 41, Trevor Harris 40, Dennis Newey 40, Lew Kerr 40, Mike Lack 39, Harold Ruff 39, Wayne Morrow 38.
Second week of fine weather certainly brings out the golfers and the scores to match. 35 men and 8 women enjoyed another magnificent day. Charlie Hayes and Tom Henwood leading the week and looking good for club champs. Steady Bob Charles posting his usual competitive score. Good to see Garth Carlyon coming in with a great score. Congratulations to Paul Brown and Jascoe Ngaia who won the Tim Hickey Memorial Trophy last week.

Saturday 11th August Tim Hickey Memorial: Nearest the pin: Waiotahi Contactors No.6 Ella Wynyard; Ray Shove No.13 Jascoe Ngaia; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 Lew Kerr; No. 2 Micky Huriwaka;  No. 15 David Read. Twos: H Brown x2, D Zeier x2, M Kiri, M Vipond, C Beattie, B howe, B Papuni, D Newey, P Brown, M Abraham, J McKain. Longest Drives:  Division 1 Ladies Jascoe Ngaia;  Division 2 Ladies Sandra Carlyon; Division 1 Mens Wi Brown; Division 2 Mens Glen Steenson. Best Stablefords Womens Division: Jascoe Ngaia 37, Polly White 36, Gail Stables 35, Audrey Tamanui-Nunn 34, Papakura McMillan 34. Mens Division: Paul Brown 41, Lew Kerr 41, Morgan Vipond 41, Blair Draper 40, Bob Papuni 39, Charles Watson 38, Micky Huriwaka 37, Stephen Walker 37, Marcus Abraham 37, Hukanui Brown 37, Pete Gleeson 37, Damian Zeier 37, Garth Carlyon 37, Stan Smith 37, Koro Milt 37. The fine weather saw 74 players come out to contest the annual Tim Hickey Memorial tournament with visitors with a number of very low handicaps coming from Waikohu, Patutahi, Ohope and Whakatane making up the field. The scoring on the day was very good with the top three men only being separated by countback with Paul Brown taking it out. Pauls score of Gross 70 was the best score of the day. Well done. Thanks to the Hickey family for their continued support of the Opotiki Golf club. The prize table was magnificent. This was also the first leg of our interclub with Waikohu. Next time we travel to them. Opotiki is currently ahead by 3 points so we need a strong contingent to travel to Waikohu to retain the trophy in November.

Saturday 28th July:  Nearest the pin: Waiotahi Contactors No.6 H Maxwell; Ray Shove No.13 R White; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 B McKillop. Twos: Robbie Petersen, Milton Kiri, Hamish Maxwell.  Best Nett:  Brent McKillop 66, Tim Hickey 66, Milton Kiri 68, Charlie Hayes 69, Harold Ruff 70, Ross Whte 70, David Moore 70. Congratulations to Bain McKay and Eric Codlin for winning the 4BBB over Joe Honatana and Stan Smith last Thursday. Our team of volunteers are doing a fantastic job keeping the course in great condition. There has been a lot of fallen trees and branches due to the windy conditions but the team have kept the course looking pristine.  The greens are looking good coming into Spring. Brent McKillop relished the conditions shooting 73. Stacking firewood is obviously good for his swing. Tim Hickeys handicap should be trending down after posting another good score. Milton Kiri again making the top three. Charlie Hayes and Butch Tuoro have made it to the finals of the Simpons after an epic battle against Peter Gleeson and David Read. They ended up playing a number of extra holes. This sets up a final against the Taihape kid Trevor Harris and OPAC Lew Kerr.

Saturday 21 July 2018  Men: Saturdays competition was a nett round and R2 of the Simpsons  (match play, combined net).  Congratulations to those pairs making it through to Round 3, and hard luck on those dropping out.   Next time!    Eric Codlin was the winner on the day, with a 66 nett, warming up for his 4BBB match (partner Bain Mckay) on Sunday 22nd against Joe Honatana and Stan Smith.  This match will be played over 36 holes.     Next best were:  Tom Henwood, David Read, Harold Ruff , Julian Lee and Peter Gleeson ( all with 68); followed by Lew Kerr, Butch Tuoro and Trevor Harris, all with 69.  Only three two’s, Trevor Harris on 13, and Garth Carlyon and David Read, both having a two on No. 15.   Nearest the pins were:  Brent McKillop, on the Waiotahi sponsored No 6; Tome Henwood, on Opotiki Drainlayers No 18 and winning the Ray Shove cake on No. 13 was Trevor Harris. Ladies: Haggle Winner - Susan Gleeson Nett 40, Runners Up, Polly White 39, Janice Hustler 38; Two's - Glenys Hayes on the 15th hole. Second Best Shot on 12 - Sharon Howe (sponsored by Suzanne Nelson) 

Saturday 14 July 2018  - Codlin Electrical Open Tournament:  A field of about 50 players enjoyed excellent course conditions and fine weather to compete for a wonderful prize table in the inaugural Codlin Electrical stableford golf competition.   Most got a prize although the faster greens and tricky pin placements may have contributed to only 3 men bettering their handicap.    There were also some interesting, shall we describe as  ‘hard luck stories !‘, and two of note were.  The failure of Colin Kemeys to reach the women’s tee blocks on No 13.  Given that the men’s and women’s were in the same position one can’t imagine how he managed to do that!   Colin also put his ball out of bounds – behind the tee!   Another was the trials and tribulations of a tough round by Ray Shove (we won’t mention his stableford).  Ray know doubt still on his post-holiday high, and after a horrendous score on the No. 14 ‘the Wrecker”, found himself well positioned on the par 3 no. 15 green, only to proceed to try and putt the closest to pin ball marker!  That must be a first! 

Anyway, here are the results for the day.   The Ladies top prize went to Polly White with 35 stablefords followed by Hayley Roache, Janice Hustler, Gail Stables and Sandra Carlyon.  The men’s top prize went to Tim Hickey with 42 stableford points followed by Bruce Hawtin (39), Peter Gleeson (37), David Moore (36), Michael Matheson (36), David Read (35), Mathew Dalton (35).   Stableford points dropped away after that, but everyone down to some very low stablefords got a prize.  Best gross of the day was a 75 by Micky Huriwaka.  Twos: Gail Stables (on 18); David Moore (15); Julian Lee (18) and Tim Hickey (18).  Closest to the pins:  Ladies No. 6, Sandra Carlyon; No 13, Gail Stables.  Men No 18, Sam Keely ; No 15, Jason Reeve; No. 2, Matt Dalton.  Longest drives on No 12.  Ladies, Jascoe Ngia (0-22) and Susan Gleeson (+22). Men, Tom Henwood (10-16); Kevin McMillan (+17).  No men in the 0-9 bracket hit the fairway so this prize was drawn, and it went to Hayley Roache.   Apparently, when the big hitters saw that No12 was the longest drive hole, they all went back to their bag, got their drivers and proceeded to either go out of bounds or spray far and wide!   

The big prize of the day, a heat pump plus installation, which was drawn from all entries still in the Club house at prize giving went to, Micky Huriwaka.  A popular winner.  Well done Micky.  A huge thanks from the Club to Eric Codlin and his team for initiating this event, supporting it with great prizes and hosting the field for the day.   The half time BBQ and refreshments was much appreciated.   Eric would like to grow and establish this tournament as a regular fixture, and Codlin Electrical will be co-hosting next year with sponsorship also from Opotiki Drain Layers.     

Sunday Roast 8th July: A small but enthusiastic field contested this months Sunday roast with Polly White showing some fantastic form, must be all the time she has for practice now. Bruce Hawtin had another good score but Tim hickey once again shows he is far too good for that 16 handicap. Good to see Ray home and taking home the bacon and another good score from koro Milt. Ladies Division: Polly White 41, Janice Hustler. Mens Division: Bruce Hawtin 41, Tim Hickey 40, Ray Shove 38, Milton Kiri 38, Peter Gleeson 35, Tom Henwood 35. Nearest the pin: Janice Hustler (No 6) and Dennis Newey (nos 13 and 18). 

Saturday 7th July: Best Stablefords - Lew Kerr 44, Harold Ruff 41, Mike Lack 39, Milton Kiri 37, Pete Gleeson 37, Jock Butler 37, Ross White 36, George Young 36, Tim Hickey, Steven Fisher. Nearest the Pin -Waiotahi No. 6, Terry Mulhern; Ray Shove No. 1,  Harold Ruff; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18, Garth Carlyon. Twos -Micky Huriwaka, Ross White, Terry Mulhern, Harold Ruff.  It was good to see Lew Kerr coming into form after all that hard work at the pack house. The extra golf is proving good for his handicap. Harold Ruff showing that all that practice pays dividends and good to see Mike Lack back on the track. Milton, Peter, and Jock have been playing consistent as ever which bodes well for the upcoming club champs.

Saturday 30 June: The days competition was a PAR round based on handicap, despite a nice sunny day with very little wind only three players were positive to PAR.   Best on the day were Bain Mckay on +3, followed by David Read, +2; Tim Hickey, +1; Damien Zeier, 0; Milton Kiri, 0; Denis Newey, -1; Shane Malloy,-1; Tom Henwood,-1; Stan Smith, -2.  Surprisingly there were 10 two’s, with the jackpot (2, two’s) split between George Young (13 and 15) and Brent McKillop (13 and 15).  Also getting two’s were: Terry Mulhoun, on 13; David Read, on 2; Ross White, on 15; Trevor Harris, on 13, and Butch Tuoro, on 15.    Closest to pin winners were: Lew Kerr, Opotiki Drainlayers No 18; Allan Williams, Waiotahi Contractors, No6; and George Young, Ray Shove No 13.    The Captains Plate final (match play on handicap) was also played with President Julian Lee, just prevailing over the consistent Milton Keri on the 18th hole.  Ladies:  Haggle Winner Polly White with 27 Putts, runners up Sharon Howe and Margaret Taia with 31 Putts; Suzanne Nelson N.T.P. was Sarndra Tiopira; Two's - Kala Reeve

Saturday 23 June:  Ladies Haggle Results - Winners, Gail Stables and Polly White with 69 Nett; Runner Up, Susan Gleeson 70 Nett; Suzanne Nelson N.T.P on 18, Gail Stables.  Mens: Patrons Round 6, stableford competition.  A great round by Damien Zeier, shooting a solid 69 to take out the days honors with 41 Stableford points.  Close behind were: Dennis Newey, 40; Tim Hickey, 38; Cedric Katene, 38, John McKain, 27 and Ross White, 37.  Just three two’s and these went to Dennis on the Ray Shove No 13; Damien on No. 13 and John McKain on no 18.   The stand in starter slipped up this week and no pins were out for the closest to the pin.  So, these were drawn.  Bain Mckay winning the Ray Shove cake on No 13, Alan Williams, the Waiotahi Contractors No6; and Meat Pack Stan Smith, Opotiki Drainlayers No18  (a great drive Stan!!).   Also, being played today was the Plate 4 Ball Best ball, catch up match, with John McKain and Ross White pinching it on the 18th from Peter Gleeson and David Read.

Saturday 16 June: Nearest the pin - Waiotahi Contactors No.6 H Maxwell; Ray Shove No.13 C Hayes; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 T Reeve.  Twos: Darin Maxwell, Hamish Maxwell.  Best net -  Robbie Petersen 66, Ross White 66, David Moore 68, koro Milt 69, Peter Gleeson 70, Charlie Hayes 70, Glen Steenson 70. The course was in magnificent condition, the greens are running superbly. The volunteers are doing a fantastic job. Robbie Petersen and Ross White were leaders on the day, both of these guys were giving up golf last week, what a difference a week makes. David Moore after  a late night put together a great score. Striking it very nicely. Rounding out the top four was koro Milt who is always in the hunt for a prize.

Ladies: Saturday 16th June Haggle Results - Winner Glenys Hayes 32 Putts, Suzanne Nelson N.T.P -  Janice Hustler, Two's -  Marilyn Harris

Saturday 9th June : 4BBB penultimate round and R5 of Patrons Stableford. Surprisingly some pretty average scores, but rising to the top were: John Mckain, 41; David Read, 40; Joe Honatana, 40; Charlie Watson, 39; Harold Ruff, 39; Terry Reeve, 37; and all playing to their handicap were, Marcus Abraham, Kevin McMillian, Milton Kiri and Eric Codlin. Twos, Darin Maxwell (13 and 15, and the Jackpot), Terry Reeve (15), Wayne Morrow (18), Dave read (13), John McKain (6) and Harod ruff (6). Nearest pins were John McKain on Waiotahi Contractors No.6; Wayne on Opotiki Drainlayers No. 18, with Darin getting the cake with closest on Ray Shove No.13. In the 4BBB, Eric Codlin and Bain Mckay will play Stan Smith and Joe Honatana in the grand final. Joe consistently holing some great putts to wear down Tom Henwood and Julian Lee in their match.

Ladies Saturday 9th June: Haggle Winners - Sharon Howe and Marilyn Harris with 32 points

Saturday 2nd June:  Nearest the pin: Waiotahi Contactors No.6 T Harris; Ray Shove No.13 C Hayes; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 C Hayes 
Twos: T Harris, J McKain. Best stablefords: Tom Henwood 43, Robbie Petersen 39, Ross White 38, Julian Lee 36, Joe Honatana 35, Harold Ruff 34, Wayne Morrow 34. After loosing 5 balls when he played in the vets round at Katikati golf course on Monday Tom had to win so he could replace all those balls he lost! Robbie Petersen and Ross White played well however Harold Ruff and Wayne Morrow were very lucky to win a prize.

Saturday 26th May:  Nearest the pin: Waiotahi Contactors No.6 Charlie Hayes; Ray Shove No.13 Damian Zeier; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 Dennis Newey. Twos: Dennis Newey x2, Dion Reeve, Tim Hickey, Charlie Hayes. Best nett: Tim Hickey 63, Hamish Maxwell 64, Charlie Hayes 66, Wayne Morrow 66, Bain McKay 67. Milton Kiri 68, Tom Henwood 69, Dean Cole 69, Bob Papuni 69.  After only his 3rd game back Tim Hickey topped the field, if he continues this form after 6 games he should be back in single figures. For the 2nd week running H Maxwell couldn't quite do it, obviously he needs more practice. He was however able to keep out Charlie Hayes and Wayne Morrow. Dean Cole also made the prize list after his first game in months. Bit of advice guys more regular golf will get you further up the leader board.

Saturday 19th May:  A good turn out with 36 in the field with most players struggling in the conditions.  Only 7 players playing to their handicap or better. After a weeks holiday in sunny Australia Brent McKillop top scored shooting 70 off the stick and making him top son in law for the week by 3 shots. Obviously getting his fruit picked off the vine and not dropping on the ground relaxed John McKain as he shot 38 points. John Kronast and Dennis Newey rounded out the top 5.  4BBB is coming down to the business end with some very close matches contested.      Stableford results: Brent McKillop 42, Hamish Maxwell 39, John McKain 38, John Kronast 37, Dennis Newey 37, George Young 36, Wayne Morrow 36, Tom Henwood 35, Stan Smith 35, Micky Huriwaka 35. Nearest the pin: Waiotahi Contactors No.6 Brent McKillop; Ray Shove No.13 Jock Butler; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 Terry Reeve. Twos: Bob Papuni, David Read, Brent McKillop, Jock Butler, Dennis Newey

Monday 14th May:  Opotiki Womens team win 2018 BOP Womens Pennants final played at the Omanu Golf Club.  A highlight, Sarndra Tiropira winning an exciting two hole play off against Waihi.


Saturday 12th May:  Vets match play round 2 and Patrons R4. Milton Kiri 41, Bruce Hawtin 40, Bob Charles Papuni 38, Harold Ruff 37. The terrible conditions put most players off however the course remained open and 12 keen (or is that mad) golfers went out. Milton Kiri handled the conditions in a spectacular fashion shooting 72 off the stick with a classy performance. Bruce Hawtin also proved the weather was no barrier coming in with 40 points and Bob Papuni and Harold Ruff also having good rounds.
Nearest the pin: Waiotahi Contactors No.6 Julian Lee; Ray Shove No.13 Joe Honatana; Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 Milton Kiri. Twos: Julian Lee, Bob Papuni, Milton Kiri x2 jackpot

Saturday 5th May: For the 2nd week in a row Joe Honatana blitzed the field with 44 points taking out the day 2nd and 3rd on 43 and 42 were brother in laws Glen Steenson and Tim Hickey who haven't played for a number of weeks but turned up to take the money. Bruce Hawtin and Dennis Newey are  coming back into form as well.  Joe Honatana 44, Glen Steenson 43, Tim Hickey 42, Bruce Hawtin 41, Dennis Newey 41, George Young 40, Hayden White 40, Butch Tuoro 39, Hamish Maxwell 39, Harold Ruff 39. Twos: Butch Tuoro, David Moore, Micky Huriwaka, Hayden White, Hamish Maxwell, Joe Honatana, Ross White x2, Andrew White. Nearest the pin:  Ray Shove no. 13 Harold Ruff; Waiotahi Contractors no. 6 Harold Ruff;  Opotiki Drainlayers no. 18  Micky Huriwaka

Sunday 6th May Hens v Roosters, and Sunday Roast.  The players who turned out for the hens vs roosters had a drizzly  start to their round but were rewarded with fine conditions for most of the afternoon. The hens were unable to overcome the roosters even with 3 extra shots added on to their handicap. The roosters were too consistent on the day with the ladies averaging 28 and the men 33 to easily take out the title. Ross White and Dennis Newey were the best for the men for the day and Polly White leading out for the women. Twos: D Newey; Nearest the pin sponsored by the Club president, Julian Lee: No.6  Tegan White;  No.13 Dennis Newey; No. 18 Micky Huriwaka.  Taking home the roasts in the Mens division were Ross White 39, Dennis Newey 39, Peter Gleeson 38, Lew Kerr 35, Butch Tuoro 33, Bruce Hawtin 33, Joe Honatana 33, Micky huriwaka 33; and for the Ladies Division Polly White 1st, Susan Gleeson 2nd.

Saturday May 5th: Ladies results. Haggle winner with a Nett 64 , Hayley  Roache; Two's , S. Gleeson , on 6 and 18; Vanstone Vase Rd 1 Winner , Janice Hustler

April Saturday 28th:  Stableford competition and first round of the 4 Ball-best-Ball. Eric Codlin 42, Tom Henwood 40, Marcus Abraham 39, Charlie Hayes 39, Terry Reeve 38, Julian lee 38, Trevor Harris 38, Micky Huriwaka 38, George Young 38, Wayne Morrow 38, Jock Butler 37, Dennis Newey 37, John Kronast 37. Obviously Eric Codlin has been preparing well for  opening day next weekend as he shot 42 points in overcast conditions. Those ducks don't stand a chance. Tom Henwoods handicap is heading in the right direction with all this extra golf he is playing.  Charlie Hayes and Marcus Abraham rounded up the top four places this week. John Kronast for the fourth week in a row  also made the prize list. Twos: Eric Codlin, George Young, David Moore, Harold Ruff, Milton Kiri, Micky Huriwaka, John McKain. Nearest the pin: Ray Shove no. 13 George Young; Waiotahi Contractors no. 6 Marcus Abraham; Opotiki Drainlayers no. 18  Andrew White.  Congratulations to all the first round 4BBB winners, losers to the plate round!

Saturday 21st: Men -There were some exciting matches played in the Captains. For the 2nd week in a row we saw a matchup between Joe Honatana and Wayne Morrow. Last week Wayne took the honours defeating Joe but this week Joe got his revenge. Wayne shot  42 stableford points but Joe blitzed him and the rest of the field shooting a 45. This week Micky Huriwaka and Hayden White shot 69. Haydens round was highlighted with an eagle two on number 5. Good scoring boys. Again John Kronast pops up on the prize list. I am sure the handicapper is taking some interest in him. Joe Honatana 45, Hamish Maxwell 43, Wayne Morrow 42, John Kronast 40, Micky Huriwaka 39, George Young 39, Eric Codlin 38, Trevor Harris 38, Riley Sutherland 37, Steven Fisher 37, Hayden White 37, Robbie Petersen 37. Twos: Ray Shove, Hayden White on 5, Denis Newey, John Kronast, Steven Fisher, Jock Butler. Nearest the pin: Ray Shove no. 13 John Kronast;  Waiotahi Contractors no. 6 Jock Butler; Opotiki Drainlayers no. 18  Damian Zeier.  Ladies -  Haggle winner with 42 points was S. Gleeson; N.T.P. on the 6th  S. Gleeson; Two's  S. Gleeson;  (N.T.P. sponsored by Suzanne Nelson). Results for LGU 3,  Division 1 - G .Hayes Nett 74, Division 2  - G. Stables Nett 74

April Saturday 14th: This weekend winter turned up with temperatures dropping by 10 degrees. Although it was a good day to sit in front of the fire we still had 27 guys out there. Ray Shove proved too good on the day but we had a good showing of the senior players with Skip Brown, Brent McKillop, Charlie Hayes and David Moore posting some great scores. Ray Shove 66, Skip Brown 67, Brent McKillop 67, C Hayes 68, D Moore 68, B Hawtin 68, R Petersen 68, T Reeve 68. Twos: Robbie Petersen, Terry Reeve, Skip Brown, Tom Henwood, Charlie Hayes, George Young
Nearest the pin: Ray Shove no. 13 Wayne Morrow; Waiotahi Contractors no. 6 Charlie Hayes; Opotiki Drainlayers no. 18 Paul Brown.

April Saturday 7th: Micky Huriwaka had a brilliant score shooting a 66 of the stick for 43 points to beat President Julian Lee.  Julian had his chance but couldn't contain Micky. Bob Papuni steady as ever made short work of Charlie Hayes. Once again John Kronast features in the prize list, the handicapper will be catching up with him. 1st Micky Huriwaka 43, 2nd Bob Papuni 42, John Kronast 40, Terry Reeve 39, Brent McKillop 39, Harold Ruff 39, Ross White 39. Twos: J Lee, G Young, M Huriwaka, R White, M kiri, S Malloy, H Maxwell. Nearest the pin: Ray Shove no. 13 Micky Huriwaka; Waiotahi Contractors no. 6  Julian Lee; Opotiki Drainlayers no. 18  Ray Shove

March Saturday 31st: Jack Howe Memorial  80 golfers turned out to compete for the Jack Howe Memorial, although it was fine the changeable wind made the course challenging.  After featuring in last week's news John Kronast proved his form shooting a 64 Nett to take home the spoils just holding out  Skip Brown by count back.  The club was please to host a number of visitor from around the Eastern Bay and Auckland with some of the Ohope  Women taking home prizes. Our thanks go out to the Howe Whanau for their sponsorship of this tournament and the wonderful meal.     Overall winner was John Kronast with 64 nett winning by countback from Paul Brown. Womens division 1: 1stYan Ping Shu, 2nd Kristine Shove 3rd Jenny Shaw; Womens 2nd division: 1st Lyndsay Maxwell, 2nd Kura McMillan, 3rd Jan Kerr; Mens division 1:Paul Brown 42 stableford, Sam Howe 36, David Moore 34; Mens 2nd division: Marcus Abraham 41, David Read 40, Bruce Hawtin 38; Mens 3rd division: Peter Gleeson 41, Shane Malloy 40, Robbie Petersen 39; Non handicapper womens: 1st Kiri Howe, 2nd Kamiria Howe, 3rd Monica Falkner; Non handicapper mens: 1st Joseph Howe, 2nd Tane Howe, 3rd Rori McGough. Longest drive by age: 0-40 Hannah Bae drawn, Nick Swallow; 41 - 60 Kristine Shove, Darren Maxwell; 60+ Jan Kerr, Barry Howe; Twos: Tane Howe, Shane Malloy, Wayne Morrow, Keanu Howe, Michael Andrews, Ross White, Marcus Abraham, Kevin McMillan, Charlie Hayes, Hamish Maxwell. Nearest the pin: No. 2 Matt Dalton; no. 6 Kristine Shove; no. 13 jenny Shaw; no. 15 Wayne Morrow; no. 18 Peter Gleeson. Photo below.  Sam Howe presents winners trophy and Prize to John Kronast


March Saturday 24th: The greens are starting to recover well after coring and play more consistently thanks to the work of the volunteer green staff. Steady Bob Charles Papuni is bringing in his veterans form and will be hard to beat in the Medal cup if he keeps it up. Eric Codlin is also showing some promise with regular golf starting to pay off for him. John Kronast continues to turn up on the prize list proving he is coming to grips with the Opotiki layout. Medal Cup  R1 results: Bob Papuni 66, Eric Codloin 67, Hamish Maxwell 67, John Kronast 68, Bain McKay 69, George Young 69, Pete Gleeson 69, Ray Shove 70. Twos: Eric Codlin, Charlie Hayes, Hamish Maxwell. Nearest the pin:  Waiotahi No.6 Jock Butler; Opotiki Drainlayers No. 18 Charlie Hayes; Ray Shove No.13 Ross White

March 3rd, 2018:  Good start to the season good field and perfect conditions for golf. Finally after a long drought Club Captain finally won the haggle with a 61 nett. All the hours of practice and all the advice from everyone in the club finally paying off. Painting his house would have been a more productive use of time however.  Hamish Maxwell 61, Steven Fisher 63, Robbie Petersen 68, Bob Charles Papuni 68, Ngawai Amoamo 69, Bruce Hawtin 69, Tim Hickey 69, Julian Lee 69, Stan Smith 70, Charlie Waston 70. Twos: Tom Henwood, Micky Huriwaka, Jason Reeve, Bruce Hawtin. Nearest the pin: Waiotahi No.6 Tim Hickey; Opotiki Drainlayers No. 18 Ngawai Amoamo; Ray Shove No.13 Tom Henwood.

Pennant results: Good start for the championship pennant team drawing with Whakatane 4 1/2 points each. They will be looking to improve on that this week. The Senior team went down 5 to 4 against Rotorua. The number 2 player will need to improve or stay home and paint the house. The Intermediates started with a win so need to carry on that momentum.

February 17, 2018:  Centennial shootout finals.  In the men a full field of 19 top qualifiers tee'd off on the no 1 hole in hot and humid conditions. Over 7 hours later one of our youngest golfers, Jock Butler, had conquered all, fittingly beating one of our more senior players, Charlie Hayes, on the 18th. Great stuff Jock, and hard luck Charlie. In this event there are always some hard luck stories as even the very best crash out one by one. We won’t mention who went out on No 1, but working backwards, those going out before the 18th were: Milton Kiri on 17; Howard Maxwell, 16th; Eric Codlin, 15th; David Read, 14th; Harold Ruff, 13th; Trevor harris, 12th and Ross White on the 11th. Well done to all those guys for making it that far, and for those that went out earlier, there is always next year. Many thanks to Ross White for organising the event and keeping tabs on the all the qualifying rounds over the summer, and Steven Fisher and Allen Robb for officiating.  below, the 19 hopefuls that tee'd off on No 1.

Ladies Results:  10 Ladies tee'd off from the 10th at a similar time to the men. Sarndra Tiopia winning from Sharon Howe on the 18th. Third and fourth were Susan Gleeson and Suzanne Nelson respectively. Overall one of the best and well contested shootout days for several years for both Ladies and the Men.  A good way to kick off the Clubs centennial year.

January 2, 2018: Half a Beast at Least Holiday tournament: The first tournament in our centenary year proved a fantastic success with 80 in the field enjoying a magnificent day of golf. Thanks to David Read, Dion Reeve and Hori Lack for their sponsorship and organisation of this tournament. We had visitors from Australia and around the Motu enjoying the great condition of the course, however it was the Walkers that dominated the leader board in most divisions. Steven, Nathan and Parma taking out the top prizes and Mandy chiming in also. Charlie and Phoebe would have been so proud. Thanks to the 9 hole ladies who came from Ohope who had to wait all afternoon for prize giving  - hope you enjoyed our 19th hole.  Mens Division 1 Nett winner Steven Fisher 64, 2nd Nett Trevor Harris 64 by countback. Stableford winner Dennis Newey 42 by count back, Marcus Abraham 42, Wayne Morrow 41, Harold Ruff 39, Matt Dalton 39, Charlie Hayes 39, Len Zeier 38, Robert blue Cargill 38, Bain McKay 38, Damian Zeier 38.  Mens Division 2 Nett winner Steven Walker 64, 2nd Glenn Steenson 66 Nett. Stableford winner Parma Walker43, Steven Crosby40, Shane Malloy 40, Eric Codlin 39, Wetini Mokomoko 38, Terry Reeve 38, Lew Kerr 37, Nick Swallow 37, Kim Miller 36, Alex McKenzie 36, Colin Kemeys 36, Julian Lee 36.  9hole non-handicap winner Kahi Abraham 66 Nett, Nathan Walker 73 Nett. Stableford winner Alida Schiefelbusch 21, Tara Belloni 19, Pat Fell 18.  Ladies Division Nett winner Vicki Morrow 68, 2nd Julie Cargill. Stableford winner Polly White 38 points, Karen Trafford 35, Maria Gebert 35, Marilyn Harris 34, Kala Reeve 31, Mandy Walker 31, Gina Maruska 30. Nearest the pin: Skip Brown no. 2; Marilyn Harris no. 6; Peter Gleeson no.15; Hamish Maxwell no. 18Longest drive by age: mens 0-40 Cal Pirihi; mens 41 - 65 Charlie Hayes;  mens 66 plus Andrew Morrison; ladies 41 - 65 Victoria Morrow; ladies 66 plus Kura McMillan

Saturday 16th December, 2017: Summer golf conditions well and truly with us now, and again a Stableford score more than 40 points required to be among the prize winners.   Best on day were: John Kronast, 46; Morgan Vipond, 45; Brent McKillop, 45; Shane Malloy, 45; Glen Stenson, 44; Denis Newby, 41; Robbie Petersen, 40; Stan Smith 40.  Best round on day – Brent McKillop with a gross 68.   Twos:  Brent, Ray Shove, Robbie, and Stan.

Saturday 9th December:  Plenty of good golf played, with at least a +4 to par required to be among the winners.  Well out in front was John Mckain with +7, closely followed by Kim Miller on +6, Shane Malloy and Jason Reeve on +5’s, and a clutch of golfers all on +4 – Tom Henwood, Jo Honatana, David Moore, Stan Smith and Bob Papuni.  Twos’ by Tom Henwood, Harold ruff, Denis Newby, Allan Williams and John McKain

Saturday 2nd December, 2017  - The Waiotahi Contractors Hams: This year we had the biggest field for the Waiotahi Hams tournament ever with over 190 in the field. Great weather which produced some fantastic scores, with many players commenting that the course was in immaculate condition. Thanks to our volunteer greens committee for that. The sponsors prize table was overflowing with over 90 hams to be won. The tournament again attracted players from Tairawhiti through to the wider BOP and beyond to the Manawatu. Although there were lots of great scores of note was Colin Kemeys who shot 10 under his handicap to run away with the 3rd division. Zane Rangihika had the first ace of his career with a hole in one on 18. Congratulations Zane. Howard Maxwell held off the field with a great 67 off the stick for the lowest round of the day. Kawerau icon Flash Gordon conquered the Opotiki course with 75 off the stick. Tyla Kingi was streaks ahead of the ladies field with a 2 under 69. Her grandmother Glenys took out the Nett with a 66 so no need for Tatai to hunt for the next three months their freezer will be full. The Opotiki Golf club would like to thank Robbie and Spike Petersen along with their company Waiotahi Contractors for supporting the club in hosting what is the number one ham tournament in the BOP. Mens Division 1 Gross winner Howard Maxwell 67, Nett winner Tuakana August 65, Stableford winner Brent McKillop 40 points, Ross White 40, John McKain 39, Harold Ruff 39. Mens Division 2 Gross winner Flash Gordon Rowlands 75, Nett winner Daniel Robb 62, Stableford winner Tom Henwood 43, Terry Hunt 40, Tom Smith 40, Mervin Green 39. Mens Division 3 Gross winner Colin Kemeys 80, Nett winner Glen Steenson 64, Stableford winner Jock Butler 42, Peter Mortlemen 41, Steven Walker 41, Butch Tuoro 40. Ladies Division Gross winner Tyla Kingi 69, Nett winner Glenys Hayes 66 Nett, Doris Mackie 67 Stableford winner Polly White 40, Suzanne Nelson 40, Sheryl Cotter 40, Susan Gleeson 39, Julie Cargill 39. 

Saturday 25th November: Round 3 of Shootout qualification and the days competition a stableford round.   Excellent scoring, with best round by Charlie Hayes with an excellent 70 off the stick and 44 Stableford points.  Next best were: Trevor Harris, 42; Bruce Hawtin 42; John Kronast, 41; Joh McKaib, 41; Steven Fisher 40 and Peter Glesson also 40.  Surprisingly there were no twos.

October 28th: Opotiki New World Tournament results: Ladies: Stableford winners – 1st, Sharon Howe; 2nd, Karen Trafford; 3rd, Janice Hustler; 4th, Hayley Roache; 5th, Polly White; 6th, Glenys Hayes. 2nd Best shot on No.5, Sharon Howe; Closest to pin No.6, Hayley Roache; Closest to pin No. 13 Janice Hustler. Men -Division 1: Stableford winners – 1st, Milton Kiri; 2nd, Ray Shove; 3rd, Ross white; 4th, Marcus Abraham; 5th, Barry Howe; 6th Wayne Morrow; 7th Micky Huriwaka; 8th, Charlie Hayes. 2nd Best shot on No 4, Milton Kiri; Closest to pin No 15, Ray Shove Men -Division 2: Stableford winners – 1st, Stan Smith; 2nd, Morgan Vipond; 3rd, Mike lack; 4th, Bruce Hawtin; 5th, Terry Mulhern; 6th, Shane Malloy; 7th, Lew Kerr. Twos (all Divisions): Milton Kiri (no 6 and No 15); Ross White (No. 6); Charlie Hayes, No 6. Hole in One!!!! Bain Mckay, No 6. About 40 players braved consistent rain but mild temperatures to contest the 2017 Opotiki New World Stableford sponsored competition. Despite the weather scoring was pretty good, with Milton Kiri the outstanding round of the day coming in with a gross 70 and 45 stableford points. An excellent Hole in One by Bain Mckay on No. 6. Other major prize winners were; Sharon Howe, Ladies, with 38 points and Stan Smith, Division 2 with 40 points. The Opotiki Golf Club thanks its sponsor, Opotiki New World, in providing the excellent prize table.

Sunday 8th October - Club Championship Match play Finals :  Mens Junior B winner Jock Butler; runner up Bob Charles Papuni: Junior winner Trevor Harris; runner up Peter Gleeson: Intermediate winner Milton Kiri; runner up Bain McKay: Senior winner Hayden White: runner up Charlie Hayes: Ladies Bronze 2 winner Sue Gleeson; runner up Vicky Morrow: Bronze winner Hayley Roache; runner up Jascoe Ngaia: Silver winner Tyla Kingi; runner up Tegan White . Hot off his great form at the AIMS Games Jock Butler won a well contested match to hold off Bob Charles Papuni to win his first club championship trophy. Trevor Harris has topped of a great season to win his first championship trophy after playing for many years. Milton Kiri took out both the stroke play and match play titles this season proving once again he is the man to beat in the Intermediate division. Bain McKay pushed Milton to the 35th hole, making a real competition of the match. Hayden White proved too strong for Charlie Hayes to contain. Hayden winning his 3rd Senior Club Championship title in difficult conditions. You still need two more title wins though Hayden to catch up to little brother Andrew. It was great to see Sue and Vicky competing in the Bronze ladies with Vicky Morrow relatively new to golf having a good season but being defeated by Sue Gleeson. Jascoe Ngaia played solid golf for most of the 36 holes but Hayley wore her down in the end winning on the 35th. The Silver ladies had Tyla Kingi take out another Championship win over Tegan White who continues to improve and was striking the ball well all day.

Saturday 16th September : Some surprises in the first round of the Clubs Championship Match-Play held in fairly trying conditions, but good scoring nevertheless. Well done to all those winners making it through to the second round. Best stablefords on the day were: Jock Butler, 42, Milton Kiri 42, David Read 40, Terry Reeve 40, Dean Cole 40, Peter Gleeson 40, Ngawai Amoamo 39, Bain Mckay , 38, Wayne Morrow 37, Joe Honatana 37, David Moore 37. Nearest the pins: Waiotahi Contractors No 6, Dean Cole; Ray Shove No 13, Dean Cole; Opotiki Drainlayers No 18, Lew Kerr. Just three twos, going to : Barry Howe on No. 1, Wayne Morrow on No. 6 and Ray Shove on No. 13.

Also, congratulations to two of the Clubs Juniors, Jock Butler and Tane Howe winning silver medals at the recent AIMS Pairs Golf Tournament held at Tauranga involving 80 schools. 

Ladies Results wwek ending 16th sept: Wednesday Haggle: Winner - J. Hustler; N.T.P. - J. Grifiths Two's (drawn) - K. Reeve Saturday Haggle: V. Morrow , M. Walker +2; N.T.P. on 6 - S. Gleeson; Two's (drawn) - V. Morrow LGU 7 - Silver K. Reeve Nett 71; Bronze 1 - J. Hustler Nett 67 ; Bronze 2- I. Moore Nett 75

Prize Winners Ladies Teams Tournament held at Opotiki 10th September: 36 Ladies played on a windy but fine day 1st - K. Reeve, L. Maxwell, S. Steenson 2nd - J. Hustler, J. Gibson, V. Morrow 3rd - G. Stables, M. Ferguson, J. Kerr 4th - S. Nelson, H. Roache, M. Walker 5th - I. Moore, S. Gleeson, J. Griffiths 6th - N. Keepa, D.Tahuri, R. Leabourn.   N.T.P - No 6- S. Nelson No 13 - J. Hustler No 18 - L. Hayward. Longest Putt 0-24, H. Roach; 25+ ,Rema. 2nd Best Shot 0-24 - S. Steenson; 25+ - V. Morrow . Two's: R. Leabourne, J. Hustler

Saturday 2nd September: Despite atrocious conditions a game field battled through the rain to find the stroke play champions for 2017. Congratulations to Mickey Huriwaka (senior), Milton Kiri (intermediate), Ross McCulloch (junior) and Bob Papuni (junior B) the winners with the best 3 round totals.

Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th August -  Club Champs Qualifying:   Saturday 26th: Ross McCullough 62, Joe Honatana 65, Lew Kerr 66, Bob Papuni 66, Bruce Hawtin 67, Bain McKay68, Barry Howe 68, Julian Lee 68, Milton Kiri 69, Micky Huriwaka 69. Twos: Ross McCullough, Dion Reeve, Bruce Hawtin, Micky Huriwaka, Ngawai Amoamo. Sunday 27th: Micky Huriwaka 65, David Read 65, Robbie Petersen 67, Wayne Morrow 68, Keanau howe 68, Charlie Hayes 68, Harold Ruff 69, Trevor Harris 69, Jock Butler 69. Twos: Terry Mulhern, Dean Cole, Cedric Katene.

This time of year brings out the best in our golfers. Micky Huriwaka showing he is a great player, even par after two rounds to lead the Senior Strokeplay division. Keanau Howe playing a spectacular shot on No. 16 holing out from 200 metres out with a 4 iron for an eagle 2 is in 2nd place so far. Milton Kiri is 5 shots ahead of David Read and Harold Ruff in the Intermediate division. The boys will have their work cut out to catch Milton next weekend. In the Junior Division Ross McCullough is leading the pack but needs another consistent round to hold off Trevor Harris. The Junior B division the old boys Joe Honatana, Bob Papuni and Pete Gleeson are all in contention. The neighbourhood would appreciate your No. 1 drives going straight down the middle instead of ricocheting off the houses though Joe!

Sunday 20th August:  The Simpsons final was played with John McKain and Ross White victorious over Wayne Morrow and Trevor Harris. The Simpsons, combined nett over 36 holes, is the most difficult team competition to win. Congratulations to Ross and John, winning 4 up with 3 to play. Ross went out hot over the opening 18 holes, and John was consistent throughout. But sounds like all four played well on a cool but fine day at last! Commiserations to Wayne and Trevor who have had a great year, making two finals but unfortunately falling short both times. Next year guys.

Saturday 19th August:  Ray Shove 42 points, Ross White 41 points. Nearest the pin: Waiotahi Contractors No. 6 S Molloy Ray Shove No. 13 M Huriwaka. Ten hardy souls played through flooded greens, lightening and torrential rain to complete their rounds on Saturday. But the rest of the filed, sensible chickens pulled out half way round heading to the 19th hole early. Ray Shove beat John McKain and Charlie Hayes beat Wayne Morrow in the vets semis. Ray and Charlie will play the final on 9 September. Ross White also had an exceptional round to lead the Patrons stableford, with 1 more round to play he will be hard to reel in.

Saturday 12th August Tim Hickey Memorial :  Twos: S Nelson, R McCullough, P White, M Huriwaka, J Lee, M Carroll Nearest the pin: No. 2 Bruce Hawtin No. 6 Vicky Morrow no. 15 Julian Lee No. 13 Sue Nelson no. 18 M Carroll Ladies Division Ann Carroll 37, Polly White 37, Sarah Steenson 36, Janice Hustler 34, AudreyTamanui-nunn 33, Matatu Tamanui 32, Hayley Roache 31, Karen Trafford 31. Mens Division 1 0-16 Dean Cole 42, T Henwood 41, R Shove 40, B Hawtin 40, D Read 39, W Morrow 39, M Kiri 38, D Moore 38, R White 38, B McKillop 36, M Carroll 35 Mens Division II 17- Ross McCullough 43, G Steenson 37, T Harris 37, C Papuni 36, J Honatana 36, J Lee 35, D Batey 35, T Mulhern 35, T Reeve 35, R Petersen 34, S Walker 32. A great turnout for the Tim Hickey Memorial with visitors from Waikohu and two from Castlecliff Golf Club. Course again was in great condition with the scores showing that. Ross McCullough had his best round ever taking out the trophy along with Anne Carroll from Castlecliff golf club in Wanganui. Our sponsors the family of Tim Hickey senior were pleased with the turnout and the club appreciates the continued support of the Hickey family.

Mens results for  Saturday 5th August: Wayne Morrow 39, Milton Kiri 38, Robbie Petersen 37, Jock Butler 36, David Moore 36, David Read 36, Terry Mulhern 35, Ray Shove 35. Twos: Ross White, Terry Mulhern, Ross McCullough, Butch Tuoro . Waiotahi nearest the pin No. 6 Ross White; Opotiki Drainlayers nearest the pin No. 18 Butch Tuoro; Ray Shove nearest the pin No. 13 Hamish Maxwell.

Sunday 6th August Sunday Roast: Ladies: K Shove 38, Glennys Hayes 36, Vicki Morrow 32, Kala Reeve 32, Polly White 31 points. Men: Lew Kerr 40, Cedric Katene 40, Damian Zeier 39, Wayne Morrow 38, Marcus Abraham 38, Brent McKillop 36, Alan Hyatt 36, Ross White 35, Milton Kiri 35, Terry Reeve 35. Tw os D Zeier, T Reeve, K Reeve, A Hyatt, R White, M kiri, B Hawtin, J Butler, P White. Nearest the Pin No.6 L Maxwell (Connie Millier vase), No. 13 B McKillop, No. 18 D Zeier.   Sunday 6h August Grandparent winners were Kris Shove and Lew Kerr.

Ladies results for week ending 29th July: Area Stableford Rd 5;Silver Winner - J. Hustler 32 points; Bronze Winner - V. Morrow 32 points Wednesday Haggle Winner : J. Hustler; Two's ( drawn ) - V. Morrow; N.T.P. on the 6th hole (sponsored by Suzanne Nelson) , J. Ngaia.   Saturday 29th: A great turnout for the ladies on a nice sunny day. Haggle Winners - S. Gleeson/J. Hustler with Nett 70; Two's - P. White; N.T.P. 6th hole (sponsored by Suzanne Nelson) S. Howe.   

Ladies Results for week ending 22nd July: Eclectic and Vanstone Vase Rd 3: Winner: Silver - S. Howe Nett 70;                Bronze - L. Maxwell Nett 69;  Putting : L. Maxwell 29 . Wednesday Haggle Winner - L. Maxwell 29 Putts.                          N.T.P - K. Reeve ( sponsored by Suzanne Nelson) Two's - J. Hustler ( drawn)

Mens results for Saturday 22nd July: Stablefords: John McKain 45, John Kronast 43, Bruce Hawtin 42, Damian Zeier 40, Terry Mulhern 39, Tom Henwood 38, Peter Gleeson 38, Ross White 38 Twos: Milton Kiri, Jock Butler, Bruce Hawtin, Charlie Watson Waiotahi nearest the pin No. 6 Charlie Hayes; Opotiki Drainlayers nearest the pin No. 18, Milton Kiri; Ray Shove nearest the pin No. 13, Milton Kiri Great scoring this week everyone seems to be getting use to the terrible weather. The greens are in exceptional condition considering the weather we have had. John McKains lessons with John Sheargold are starting to pay dividends but sadly John is heading back to Taupo so John McKain will have to go back to Ross White for advice. 

Ladies results 15th July:  Golf 3BBB Rd 1: Winning Team - S. Nelson, S. Tiropira, K. Reeves with a wonderful Nett 59 Wednesday Haggle Winner - I. Moore Nett 74 ; N.T. P. and Two's - L. Maxwell(drawn) Saturday Haggle winner - S. Howe with 29 Putts; Longest putt on 2 - P. White; Two's ( drawn) - K. Reeve (N.T.P. sponsored by Suzanne Nelson)

Saturday 15th July: Bob Papuni 65, Damian Zeier 66, Harold Ruff 66, Bruce Hawtin 66, Pete Gleeson 68, Joe Honatana 69, Wayne Morrow 69 Twos: Damian Zeier, Peter Gleeson, Hamish Maxwell, Harold Ruff, Bob Papuni.  Waiotahi nearest the pin No. 6 Micky Huriwaka; Opotiki Drainlayers nearest the pin No. 18 Damian Zeier; Ray Shove nearest the pin No. 13 Wayne Morrow.

Saturday 8th July: Stableford; Wayne Morrow 43, John Kronast 41, Charlie Hayes 41, Jock Butler 40, John McKain 40, Micky Huriwaka 39, Bruce Hawtin 39, Ross McCullough 38, Ray Shove 38.Twos: Dennis Newey, Ngawai Amoamo, Harold Ruff, Ray Shove x2, Charlie Hayes x2.  Waiotahi nearest the pin No. 6 Wayne Morrow; Opotiki Drainlayers nearest the pin No. 18, George Young Ray Shove nearest the pin No. 13, Joe Honatana.  Finally we had a fine day to play golf after a month of poor weather. Players clearly reveling in the great conditions and superb course. Wayne Morrow shooting another good score and Charlie Hayes and John Kronast building steadily for their 4 Ball final against Wayne Morrow and Trevor Harris.

Ladies -Wednesday 5th July and Saturday 8th July: Ariki & Aitken Rd 4: Nett Winner- J. Ngaia 70, R/Up V. Morrow 74 Putting Winner - J.Ngaia 31, R/Up J. Hustler 31 Wednesday Haggle Winner - J.Ngaia, R/up J. Hustler N.T.P. ( sponsored by Suzanne Nelson) J. Gibson Two's - I. Moore (drawn).   Saturday Players finally had a beautiful day to play Haggle Winner was K. Trafford with a nett 72 .o's - P. White (drawn) N.T.P - on 13, H. Roache (drawn) sponsored by Suzanne Nelson.

Saturday 17th June: Medal round;Trevor Harris 64, Dion Reeve 67, John McKain 68, Hamish Maxwell 68, Peter Gleeson 68, Ray Shove 69, Joe Honatana 69. Twos: Wayne Morrow, Hamish Maxwell, Charlie Hayes Waiotahi nearest the pin No. 6 Hamish Maxwell Opotiki Drainlayers nearest the pin No. 18 Dion Reeve Ray Shove nearest the pin No. 13 Ray Shove.  The Captains semifinal matches were played last weekend with Harold Ruff and Wayne Morrow playing a tightly contested match with Harold prevailing. Trevor Harris gave Tom Henwood no chance to progress to the finals completely thrashing him. The final will be played this Saturday 8.30 start over 36 holes between Harold and Trevor.

Ladies - 17th June: Results for Area Stableford Rd 4: Silver; Jocelyn Griffith 32 Bronz; Karen Trafford 37. Wednesday Haggle: Winner, Susan Gleeson 34; R/Up, Jocelyn Griffith 32 N.T.P: Jocelyn Griffith (drawn), Jocelyn also had a 2 on the 13th hole. Saturday Haggle: Winner, Glenys Hayes 28 putts. R/Up, Sharon Howe 30 putts. N.T.P, Hayley Roach on the 6th hole. Two's: Glenys Hayes.  N.T.P sponsored by Suzanne Nelson.

Saturday 10th June:  Bruce Hawtin 42, John McKain 42, Charlie Hayes 39, Wayne Morrow 38, John Kronast 37, Trevor Harris 37, Dion Reeve 36, Ross White 36, Dennis Newey 36 Twos: Ray Shove, Harold Ruff, Glen Steenson, John Kronast Waiotahi nearest the pin No. 6 Bruce Hawtin Opotiki Drianlayers nearest the pin No. 18 Ray Shove Ray Shove nearest the pin No. 13 Ray Shove Finally we have had some good weather and Bruce Hawtin and John McKain took full advantage of the perfect conditions. Charlie Hayes scored very well shooting a 71. He and John Kronast have made it to the finals of the 4BBB against Trevor Harris and Wayne Morrow which will be played on Sunday 16 July. Get your teams in for the Simpsons, combined handicap of more than 21. Start gathering photos and stories for next years centenary and pass on the dates to any past members 2nd, 3rd, 4th November 2018.

Saturday 6th May: B Hawtin 40, R Shove 39, T Henwood 38, D Cole 38, T Harris 37, R McCullough 37, S Smith 37. Nearest the pin: Waiotahi, W Morrow; Ray Shove No 13,  H Maxwell; Opotiki Drainlayers G Young.   Twos: D Cole, B Hawtin, H Maxwell. Scoring this week proved to be tough however there is always a standout with Bruce Hawtin drawing on all his experience to come out on top with 40 points, a great score on the day. Another old boy Rays Shove was snapping on his heels. Good to see Dean Cole back in Opo and still scoring very well.

Sunday 7th May: The Sunday Roast Mens: Wayne Morrow won with 44 points, Ross White 2nd 39, Stan Smith and Micky Huriwaka on 36 just beating Bruce on a countback. Ladies: Sharon Howe won on the count back over Victoria Morrow both 38 points. Sharon had a terrific back half shooting PAR. Twos: M Huriwaka x 3, S Howe, R White. A small field contested the 1st Sunday Roast competition for the year.  Blue sky and everyone enjoyed the fantastic conditions. Wayne played extremely well with a great score taking home the Roast for Vicky to cook. Micky Huriwaka again showed his good form with 3 twos and going under PAR again.

 Saturday 22nd April: Colin Kemeys, 40 points, Hayden White 39, Andrew White 39, Ross White 38, Harold Ruff 38, Charlie Hayes 38, Julian Lee 38, Dennis Newey 37, Wayne Morrow 37, Ray Shove 37. Waiotahi nearest pin - Hayden White; Ray Shove nearest pin - David Moore; Opotiki Drainlayers nearest the pin - Joe Honatana . Twos: Hayden White, Floyd Mitchell, Ross McCullough, Ross White, David Moore, Harold Ruff, Andrew White x 2 + jackpot.  Course is in great condition after C yclone Cook last week thanks to members, neighbours and friends of the golf club who put in a great effort cutting up trees and clearing up debris. Still a bit to do but it is a lot more manageable now.  Great score from Colin Kemeys today and the White whanau are taking their great form down to the Maori Nationals. Good to see Andrew back from Australia and showing he is nearly back to his best after one week of practice.

April 13th, Cyclone Cook, hits Opotiki at 7 pm :   Below, next day 60-70 year old macrocarpa at No 13th Tee no more; And accumulating debris from across the course.

Cyclone Cook - macrocarpa at 13th Tee    

Saturday 15th April:  A good field turned out for the Saturday haggle on a rather debris strewn course after Cyclone Cook. Playable thanks to the great effort by many on Friday to clear fallen trees and limbs. Nevertheless, some good scores. With Micky leading the way with a 66 gross. Stableford haggle winners: Top of the pops Colin Kemeys (Tauranga) with 43 points, followed on count back, Craig Purcell (43), Harold Ruff (41), Micky (39) Julian Lee (39), Ross McCullough (38), Charlie Hayes (38), Andrew White (38) and Barry Howe (38). Twos: Charlie, Craig, Tom Henwood, Stan Smith and Micky (2).

Saturday 8th April: A good field found conditions after all the rain tougher going for Saturdays competition – R2 medal and R1 match play for the vets. Denis Newby took out the best net with a 66, followed by Trevor Harris, 67; John McKain and Tim Hickey, 68; and Ngawai Amoamo, Micky Huriwaka, John Kronast, David Moore and Barry Howe all on 69’s. Other Results: Twos - Micky, Charlie Hayes, David Read, Peter Gleeson and Ross McCullough. Nearest the pins: No 6, ‘meat pac’ Stan Smith; No 18, Milton Kiri (missed his two from close range) and No 13, Charlie Hayes.

April 1st:  Best Stablefords: Tom Henwood 44, Dennis Newey, Damian Zeier, Shane Malloy 43, Harold Ruff, Ngawai Amoamo 42, Robbie Petersen, Glen Steenson, Hamish Maxwell 41, Charlie Hayes 40, Ross White Terry Reeve 39. Twos: Stan Smith, Bob Papuni, Peter Gleeson, Dennis Newey, Butch Tuoro, John McKain x2, George Young, Ross White, Charlie Hayes, Dean Cole, Ngawai Amoamo x2, Damian Zeier x2. Nearest the Pin: Waiotahi No.6 John McKain Ray Shove no. 13 Damian Zeier Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 Tom Henwood

The greens are slowly coming back to life after coring with the scores reflecting the great condition of the course. Volunteers are doing a fantastic job with course maintenance. Tom Henwoods great score of 44 points should have been better, having missed a putt on the 18th for the 2nd week in a row after being within a foot of the hole. More putting practice needed Tom. Round of the day was Damian Zeier shooting 66 off the stick. Keep up the good attitude Damian. Hard luck story of the week Ngawai Amoamo posted a great score 75 but was still pipped at the post by Dennis Newey.

Ladies results LGU 1: Silver Jocelyn Grifith Nett 65 Bronze 1 Jascoe Ngaia Nett 68 Bronze 2 Mandy Walker Nett 65 Wed 29 March: Haggle Winner: Jocelyn Griffith Twos: Jocelyn Griffith Suzanne Nelson NTP on 13: Jocelyn Griffith Saturday 1 April: Haggle Winner: Glenys Hayes 28 Putts Twos: Susan Gleeson (drawn) Suzanne Nelson NTP on 6: Kris Shove This week the Wednesday ladies play Ariki & Aitken Rd 2, Saturday ladies play LGU 2

March 25th:  Medal cup, Presidents R2:  S Smith 64 Nett, 2nd by count back H Maxwell 64, T Henwood 66, T Harris 66, H Ruff 66, C Hayes 66, G Young 68, B Tuoro 68, B Papuni 68 Waiotahi nearest the pin no. 6: M Abraham Ray Shove no.13: M Huriwaka Opotiki Drainlayers no. 18: T Henwood Twos: C Hayes, R McCullough, H Mato, J Waipouri, M Huriwaka, D Moore, G Young, H Maxwell.

It has been a good start to the season with good conditions enjoyed by the golfers. Micky Huriwaka has continued his great form shooting 67 last week. Terry Reeve also showing good form for the start of the season. Stan Smith shot a 64 Nett the meatpacks are under threat this Thursday. Good to see Tom Henwoods accuracy off the tee is improving putting his ball a foot from the hole on 18...shame about the putt!. Remember guys drive for show, putt for dough.

March 18th:  Presidents Cup R1:  T Reeve 62, G Young 63, D Reeve 66, R McCullough 66, R Hove 67, Dennis Newey 68, Eric Codlin 68, C Hayes 68, M Huriwaka 68. Waiotahi nearest the pin no. 6: J Honatana Ray Shove no.13: M Huriwaka Opotiki Drainlayers no. 18: M Huriwaka Twos: H Ruff, J Lee, R White, G Young, T Reeve, G Steenson, M Huriwaka x2

Ladies Ariki & Aitken Cup Rd 1 Winner: Jan Gibson Nett 70 Runner Up: Jascoe Ngaia Nett 71 NTP: Paula Black (drawn) Well done Jascoe for having an eagle on the 14th hole Putting Winner: Janice Hustler 28 Runners Up : Jan Gibson/Jascoe Ngaia 29 Saturday 18th Haggle Winner with 37 Stableford points was Janice Hustler, Janice had a lucky day winning the NTP on the 15th hole and the draw for two’s. Nearest the Pin is sponsored by Suzanne Nelson.

February 25th:   Saturday saw the start of our new club season with 53 players turning out. Our life member Robbie Petersen took the first tee shot of the season which went straight and true. We welcomed several new members, and the junior players and everyone enjoyed the day with a fun ambrose competition. The winning team of the day was Milton Kiri, Morgan Vipond, Mike Lack, Hamish Maxwell and Charlie Hayes with nett 53.  

Marae Challenge Golf Tournament The 10th Marae challenge golf tournament was held on Saturday February 11th. Seven Marae participated and people traveled from all around the Bay of Plenty, Hamilton, Christchurch and Auckland. There was 75 players in the field with the best six scores in each team going towards the Marae challenge trophy. One of the day's highlights was Micky Huriwaka breaking the course record with a 63. A great achievement overtaking Alex McDonald's 64 which he shot in 1999. Alex's score has been equaled a number of times since then. This is a just reward for a well liked club member who puts in a lot of practice and time promoting junior members. Well done Micky! Individual Results: Ladies Gross Polly White 82 Kutarere Mens Gross Micky Huriwaka 63 Opape Ladies Stableford Mandy Walker 44 Waiaua Ladies Nett Irene Moore 63 Waiaua. Mens Stableford Div 1 Stan Hooper Waiaua Mens Stableford Div 2 Glenn Phipps Omarumutu Mens Nett Steven Walker Waiaua Non Handicap Rewai Tai Waioeka Longest drive in ages 0 - 40 Mens Sam Howe Ladies Rangi Leabourne 41 - 55 Mens Brent McKillop Ladies Sarge Tiopira 56 - 65 Mens Murray Williams Ladies Glenys Hayes 66 + Mens Joe Waipouri Ladies Kura McMillan Nearest the pin Eugene Waipouri no. 18 Barry Howe No. 2 Stan Hooper No. 6 Sam Howe No. 13 Hayden White No.15.

The final results for the Marae challenge were: Torere / Omarumutu 6th 220 Waioeka 5th 231 Te rere by countback 4th 231 Opape 3rd 240 Kutarere 2nd 248 Waiaua 1st 252 The organising committee thanks everybody who helped with the tournament. We are also very grateful to all the people who provided food for the evening meal which was enjoyed by everyone. The next Marae Challenge Golf Tournament will be held on February 10th 2018 at the Opotiki Golf Club.

Jack Howe Memorial Tournament 4th February 2017: A field of about 70 including visitors from Ohope and Whakatane enjoyed the challenge of the Opotiki golf course. Taking home the Jack Howe Memorial trophy was Butch Tuoro with a superb nett 64 - just warming up for next week’s Marae Challenge, playing forTe Rere Pa where his captain is expecting him to play even better. Thanks to Gloria Howe and whanau for their amazing support of the Opotiki golf club, with their great hospitality ensuring there was plenty of food and prizes. Other winners were: Ladies Div 1 s/f Lyndsay Maxwell 40 Mens Div 1 s/f Keanau Howe 42 Mens div 2 s/f Steven Walker 41 Twos: Charlie Hayes x 2, Keanau Howe, Bill Burt, Dion Reeve, Trevor Harris Nearest the Pin: No. 2 Micky Huriwaka No. 6 Jock Butler No. 13 Debbie McKillop No. 15 Tony Howe No. 18 Debbie McKillop Ladies Longest Drive (Age): 0 - 40 Kamiria Howe 41 -59 Polly White 60+ Glenys Hayes Ladies non-handicapper, Veronica Phipps Men’s Longest Drive (Age): 0-40 Ross McCullough 41 - 60 Dion Reeve 60+ Stan Hooper Non-handicapper Shane Walker Kids: Sammy Sam Howe

Waiotahi Contractors Hams Open Tournament 3rd December, 2016:  Mens division 1: Gross winner Hayden White 68 Nett winner Barry Howe 64 Stableford winner Taira Te Rito 41, Luke Robinson 40 2nd, Tuakana August 40 and Tere Lincoln 40. Mens Division 2: Gross winner Hika Kingi 79 Nett winner Ngawai Amoamo 64 Stableford winner Bruce Hawtin 40, Trevor Harris 2nd 40, Denis Newey 40, Tom Henwood 40. Mens Division 3: Gross winner Marcus Abraham 83 Nett winner Ross McCullough 61 Stableford winner Shane Molloy 41, Cedric Katene 41, Jack Callis 41, Peter Gleeson 41. Ladies Division: Gross winner Tyla Kingi 70 Nett winner Ella Wynyard 60 Stableford winner Vicki Morrow 41, Jandy Winiata 41, Sharon Howe 40, Margaret Tuapawa 40. Nearest the pin: No 2 Charlie Hayes No 6 Hayley Roache No 13 Zandra Hahipene No 15 Tony Green No 18 Terry Reeve Mens. Longest drive 0-10 Nigel Udy 11 - 17 Richard Hayes 18 + Justin Chayne Ladies Longest drive 0-18 Kala Reeve 18 + Ella Wynyard . Thanks to our sponsor, Waiotahi contractors who continue to support the golf club. With their fantastic sponsorship we had half the field walking away with a prize. This tournament grows stronger each year with a large number of competitors coming from Tairawhiti and even a group from the Manawatu. Opotiki Golf Club appreciates the support from the other clubs who traveled to compete this year - a field of 160.

Opotiki New World Tournament – 29 October: Ladies Division: Paula Black 45, Vicky Morrow 41, Debbie McKillop 49, Rangi Leabourn (Te Teko) 37, Suzanne Nelson 37, Susan Gleeson 35, Aroha Crighton 35, Janice hustler 35, Irene Moore 34.Mens Division 1: Micky Huriwaka 43, Cjharlie Hayes 41, Riley Sutherland 39, Harold Ruff 38, Dion Reeve 38, Hamish Maxwell 37, Ray Shove 37, Stephen Fiusher 36, Davie Read 36, Paul Brown 36, Damian Zeier 35, Brent McKillop 35, Barry Howe 35, Ross White 33, Richie Howe 35. Mens Division 2: Shane Molloy 47, Lew Kerr 44, Cedric Katene 42, Ross McCullough 41, Terry Reeve 40, Denis Newey 40, Steven Walker 39, Trevor Harris 38, Jeff Young 38, Wayne Morrow 38, Louis Hahipene 37, Hekara Mato 37, Stan Smith 37. Twos: Micky Huriwaka x2, Bain McKay, Brent McKillop, Deborah McKillop. Longest drive by age Mens 0-45 Cedric Katene 46 - 60 Ross White 61+ Charlie Hayes Ladies 0-60 Sarndra Tiopira 61+ Sharon Howe Nearest the Pin No.2 Brent McKillop, No.6 Helen Bentley, No .13 Rangi Leabourne, No. 15 Ray Shove, No. 18 Cedric Katene Fantastic day saw 70 players take on the course. Scoring was exceptional shooting a 65 off the stick. Some of our new golfers found the course easy with Paula Black and Shane Molloy posting great scores.

Many thanks to New World for their generous sponsorship

Saturday 15th October, 2016: Tim Hickey Memorial tournament 

Overall winners of the Tim Hickey Memorial trophy were Debbie McKillop with 39 points and Glenn Steenson with 43 points. Ladies Division: Vicky Morrow 37, Janice Hustler 35, Glenys Hayes 35, Karen Trafford 32, Kala Reeve and Mandy Walker Mens Division 1: Wayne Morrow 41, Brent McKillop 41, Harold Ruff 40, Paul Brown 39, John McKain 39, David Read 39 Mens Division 2: Terry Mulhern 43, Shane Molloy 42, Bob Papuni 41, Butch Tuoro 40, Trevor Harris 39 Twos: Damien Zeier x3, Harold Ruff x3, Paul Brown, Kala Reeve, Hekara Mato, Brent McKillop Nearest the Pin No.2 Brent McKillop No.6 Vicky Morrow No. 13 Kala Reeve No. 15 Wayne Morrow No. 18 Terry Mulhern Debbie Mckillop took out the ladies division with a fantastic display of ball striking and solid putting, Glen Steenson carried his form from Mahia last week to sneak in by count back ahead of Terry Mulhern who is also enjoying fine run of form.  A great day was had by all thanks to Hickeys for their continued support of the club. Club Championship

Sunday 16th October, 2016: Club Champs finals:  Junior b Men Ross McCullough defeated Stan Smith; Ladies Bronze 2 Suzanne Nelson defeated Karen Trafford; Junior Men Terry Mulhern defeated Trevor Harris; Ladies Bronze 1 Kala Reeve defeated Kristine Shove; Intermediate Men Tim Hickey defeated Raymond Shove; Silver Ladies Tyla Kingi defeated Tegan White ; Senior Men Charlie Hayes defeated Paul Brown

Saturady 1st October 1: Nearest the pin - Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 Paul Brown Ray Shove No. 13 Joe Honatana Waiotahi Contractors No. 6 Micky Huriwaka Twos: Tim Hickey x2 (jackpot), Micky Huriwaka and Terry Mulhern Mens: Par comp Lew Kerr +7, Charlie Hayes +5, Stan Smith +4, Terry Mulhern +3, Hekara Mato +3, Shane Molloy +3 The club finalists have been found. Charlie Hayes defeated Keanau Howe on the 16th with his preparation being superior on the day. Paul Brown came out on top of Micky Huriwaka winning on the 18th hole. Tim Hickey continues to improve his form and removed Barry Howe from the Intermediates. In the juniors Taihape kid Trevor Harris beat the president Julian Lee so will play Terry Mulhern in the finals after he beat Pete Gleeson. Ross McCullough and Stan Smith had an epic final in the Junior B's finishing level after 18 holes which required a sudden death playoff with Ross winning on the 19th with a PAR. Congratulations Ross.

Ladies Results: Par Round 2 -  Division 1: Kala Reeve +2 Glenys Hayes -1 Division 2: Susan Gleeson +4 Karen Trafford square Twos: Glenys Hayes on the 18th , Janice Hustler on the 6th Correction to last weeks result for club champs Bronze2, Suzanne Nelson went through.  Congratulations to Tyla Kingi who has won the Augusta Funded Taranaki Open presented by Pipe tech in New Plymouth

Saturday 24th September: Nearest the pin: Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 Bain McKay; Ray Shove No. 13 Ross White; Waiotahi Contractors No. 6 Stephen Walker Twos: Bain McKay, Ross White Mens: Competition PAR Terry Mulhern +5, Bruce Hawtin +4, Ross McCullough +4, Micky Huriwaka +4, Ray Shove +4, Bain McKay +3, Wayne Morrow +3, Tim Hickey +3 A good week for the old boys this week. In the Senior division Charlie Hayes beat Sam Howe on the 16th. Its always fun to be a caddy Sam. In the Intermediates Ray Shove beat Dion Reeve from being 4 down after 5 holes and George Young came out on top of Ngawai Amoamo. In the Juniors Stan Smith beat the young apprentice builder Lew Kerr and retired teacher Terry Mulhern gave young Cedric Katene a sound lesson. The matchup of the week saw Keanau Howe beat Riley Sutherland on the 17th hole. Matches to watch this week will be Micky Huriwaka v Paul Brown, they both cruised through to the semis with little opposition. Tim Hickey and Barry Howe in the Intermediates should be a good match with both Tim and Barry finding good form. In the juniors the Taihape kid Trevor Harris will be the man to look out for.

Ladies Women’s Club Champs Match Play continued on Saturday with Polly White going through in the Silver Division and Mandy Walker in the Bronze 2 Division. Congratulations to Glenys Hayes Overall Nett Winner and Winner of the Elaine Broshanan Cup in the Whakatane Open Golf Tournament held on the 23rd September. Tyla Kingi also did well winning the Best Gross prize and also having a two. 

Saturday 17th September : Nearest the pin: Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 Ross McCullough Ray Shove No. 13 Tim Hickey Waiotahi Contractors No. 6 Ray Shove Twos: Eric Codlin, David Moore, Tim Hickey, Milton Kiri Mens: Peter Gleeson 44, George Young 38, Micky Huriwaka 38, Ross McCullough 38, Terry Mulhern 36, Tim Hickey 35, Cedric Katene 35, Ross White 35, Shane Molloy 35, Ray Shove 35, Eric Codlin 34

Peter Gleeson had an excellent round in tough conditions with 44 points, he must now be the hot favorite to take out the Junior division. As usual first round of matchplay for club champs produced a few upsets with newboy Shane Molloy beating the veteran Bob Papuni and Bain McKay taking Harold Ruff to the last hole with Harold just scraping through. Milton's new driver wasn't enough to overcome Charlie Hayes. Matches to watch this week will be top seed Julian Lee v Allan Williams, both playing steady golf in the junior division and ever consistent Ray Shove v big hitting Dion Reeve in the Intermediates. Seniors will be the match between the two young guns Keanau Howe and Riley Sutherland.

Ladies:  The lady golfers played a Par Rd1 competition on Wednesday, a good turn out on a beautiful day Results: Division 1: Kala Reeves +7 Jan Gibson +5 Glenys Hayes +4 Division 2: Vicki Morrow +4 Irene Moore +2 Susan Gleeson Square. On Saturday Kristine Shove won a very closely contested match against Vicki Morrow in the first round of Club Champs in wet conditions

Saturday 10th September:   Nearest the pin: Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 Milton Kiri Ray Shove No. 13 Ross McCullough Waiotahi Contractors No. 6 Cedric Katene Twos: M Huriwaka, D Moore, H Maxwell, B McKillop x 2, C Katene x2. Jackpot shared by Brent and Cedric Mens: Competition NETT B Papuni 57 Nett, H Ruff 62, D Moore 64, W Morrow 64, S Smith 65, G Young 65, P Brown 66, D Reeve 67, C Hayes 67, K Howe 68

Club Champs Stroke play winners  Senior Division: Keanau Howe 218 Intermediate Division: Harold Ruff 229 Junior Division: Julian Lee 261 Junior B Division : Stan Smith 282 Keanau Howe held off Hayden White to take out the senior stroke play by one shot. There was no catching Harold Ruff who shot a superb 74 to blitz the Intermediate field by 13 shots. Julian Lee won the junior division by 8 shots from Butch Tuoro and in the Junior B division meatpack Stan Smith snuck in a head of newby Ross McCullough to take that out by 4 shots. Next week the first round of the matchplay starts. Ones to watch will be Harold Ruff v Bain McKay and John McKain v Dion Reeve. In the senior division Damian Zeier v Riley Sutherland. This match should produce some fireworks.

Ladies Round 3 Stroke Play Club Champs: Silver - Glenys Hayes Bronze 1 - Kala Reeves Bronze 2 - Karen Trafford Saturday Haggle Winner: Kala Reeves Two's : Tyla Kingi 

Saturday 3rd September: Nearest the pin: Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 Skip Brown Ray Shove No. 13 David Read Waiotahi Contractors No. 6 Lew Kerr Twos: Julian Lee, Hekara Mato, Ross McCullough Mens: Harrold Ruff Nett 64, Julian Lee 64, Ross White 65, Ray Shove 65, Hekara Mato 65, Ross McCullough 66, Micky Huriwaka 66, Cedric Katene 66, Terry Reeve 67, Robbie Petersen 67, John McKain 67.

Club Champs Mens qualifying Round 2 strokeplay: Great improvement in the scores this week. Micky Huriwaka shooting a 69, Keanau Howe with a 70 and Hayden White with a 71 all playing up to their expectations. The Dark Horse for this division was Ross White who came in with a 74 to propel himself up the leader board. After a 76 Harold Ruff is in control of the Intermediate division after two rounds, John McKain and Tom Henwood need to do some serious work to run him down. (Barb Tom might have to play more than once a week to achieve this). Julian Lee has a slender lead ahead of Terry Reeve and Terry Mulhern in the Junior division. Some good rounds here will see a tight race at the end. The Junior B's has Ross McCullough and Stan Smith well ahead of the other in this division so will be the players to beat in the match play rounds.

Well done to young Riley Sutherland who came 9th in the U19 National tournament played in Nelson last week. Great achievement and Riley will be one to watch in the upcoming senior match play rounds.

Ladies Qualifying Round 2 strokeplay: Silver: Tyla Kingi Bronze 1: Vicki Morrow Bronze 2: Mandy Walker Saturday Haggle winner: Mandy Walker Twos: Sharon Howe, Tegan White

Eastern Bay of Plenty Inter club challenge on Sunday 4th September.  The Club welcomed teams from our four Eastern Bay neighbouring clubs Ohope, Whakatane, Te Teko and Kawerau for our EBOP Interfive club challenge. Although the conditions didn't start out well it settled down to be a great day for golf which was indicated by the scoring. We had a field of 90. The average of the twelve best scores from each club is calculated to give the overall winner. Opotiki came out on top with a 38.8 average, 2nd Kawerau 35.3, 3rd Ohope 35.25, 4th Te Teko 33.9 and Whakatane with 33.5. Thanks to the greens staff, Carole in the kitchen and Lyndsay for organising the prizes. MENS: Lindsay Kerr from Ohope had a hole in one on no.15. Ray Shove had an exceptional round with 45 points and Dion Reeve 43, Kaleb Crawford (Te Teko) 42, Franz Wetzel (Ohope) 41, Riley Sutherland 41, Julian Lee 40, Hek Mato 40, Chas Andrews (Kawerau) 40 and Cedric Katene 40 (well worth taking the day off work aye Cedric). LADIES: Hannah Bae (Kawerau) 39, Gail Stables Ohope 39, Suzanne Nelson 38, Rangi Leabourne Te Teko 37, Judith Patterson Kawerau 37 and Yan Ping Sun Ohope 36, Janice Hustler 36, Janet Kerr 36 Ohope, Karent Traffford 36.

Bruce Hawtin Teams after a week’s postponement got underway on Sunday 28th August. A good field enjoyed a beautiful day. Seven teams battled it out playing an Ambrose format. 1st – Galachis – Mickeys team made up of his young guns, Jack, Luke, Rory and Keanau – Nett 50 2nd Zoot – Hamish, Ross, Polly and John – Nett 54 3rd Yeah Baby – Bruce, Kris, Ray, and Paul – Nett 56.   Early days but Mickeys boys might take some heading off. Not too late to enter a team so keep an eye out for next month’s round.

Saturday 27th August:  Nearest the pin: Opotiki Drainlayers No.18 H Maxwell Ray Shove No. 13 P Brown Waiotahi Contractors No. 6 H Maxwell Twos: H Ruff, R McCullough, R White, G Young, K Howe, B Howe, P Brown, H Maxwell, S Smith x 2, S Smith won the jackpot Mens: Harold Ruff 67, Tom Henwood 67, R McCullough 69, Terry Mulhern 69, Hamish Maxwell 70, Ross White 70, Charlie Hayes 71, Skip Brown 71, Lew Kerr 71, George Young 72, Bob Papuni 72, Hekara Mato 73

First round of club champs played this Saturday. In the senior division the young guns failed to fire which makes it pretty tight at the top with Paul Brown 76, Hayden White and Keanu Howe 77 and the old boy Charlie Hayes close behind on 78. In the Intermediate division Harold Ruff leads by one over Tom Henwood and in the Junior division Terry Mulhern and Terry Reeve will be fighting it out. The hard luck story of the weekend is 'meatpack' Stan Smith who was 8 under his handicap with 1 hole to play but shot a 13 to drag him back to the field in the junior b division, however that blow was softened by him winning the jackpot on the day.

Ladies Results for 1st qualifying round club champs: Silver division : Glenys Hayes Bronze 1 division : Vicki Morrow Bronze 2 division: Suzanne Nelson Saturday Haggle winner Suzanne Nelson with a nett 66 Twos: Susan Gleeson It is not too late to enter the club champs, tee off time for ladies is 12 noon. Be there 11:45 am

Saturday 20th August:  We had our annual visit from Waikohu golf club. Waikohu bought 3/4 of their members. When the scores were added up Opotiki had 33.9 and Waikohu had 29.7 average, so Opotiki take a 4 point advantage into the next round which will be held on 19th November at Waikohu Golf club. Fortunately for Waikohu their ladies played extremely well on the day with Margaret Tuapawa taking out the ladies division. Unfortunately, Tama Brown the Waikohu club captain with 23 points dragged down their average. Ross White is warming up for club champs with an exceptional score this week with 44 points (72 gross) , obviously inspired by Lydia Ko's great round Friday night. Mens Division: R White 44, H Maxwell 40, D Moore,39, J Honatana 39, M lack 38, H Ruff 38, T Harris 37, M Huriwaka 37, R Shove 37, T Reeve 36, J Lee 36, T Hickey 36 Ladies Division: M Tuapawa 39, G Hayes 36, V Grace 35, K Shove 35, K Trafford 34, H Roache 32. Twos: T Henwood, R White, M kiri, H Ruff Nearest the pin: No. 2 H Maxwell; No. 6 E Wynyard; No.13 B McKay; No. 15 R White; No. 18 M Kiri

Saturday 13th August:   Mens haggle (nett): Julian Lee 63, Marcus Abraham 64, Bain McKay 66, Tim Hickey 67, Brent Mckillop 69, Bruce Hawtin 69, Ross White 69. Nearest the pin: Opotiki Drainlayers no.18 Riley Sutherland Ray Shove No. 13 Bruce Hawtin Waiotahi Contractors No.6 Marcus Abraham Twos: Bruce Hawtin

Sunday 14th August: Grandparents results Brent McKillop 40 winner of the grandfathers / koro trophy by count back from Julian Lee. Vicky Morrow won the grandmothers / nanny trophy. Sunday Roast results: Mens: Brent McKillop 40, Julian Lee 40, Richie Howe 39, Mike Lack 39, Joe Honatana 39, Stan Smith 38, Marcus Abraham 37. Ladies: Vikcy Morrow 38, Susan Gleeson 37, Karla Reeve, Marilyn Harris Austin Hyatt has bragging rights this year as his Pop won the koro trophy for 2016. Austins swing is probably better than his koros but we won't go there. Julian Lees great form this weekend saw him go close but disappointingly missed out on the count back. Looking good for the club champs coming up though Julian.

Saturday 6th  August: Brent McKillop 40 points, Ross McCullough 40, Trevor Harris 40, Julian Lee 39, Glen Steenson 38, Ross White 38, Micky Huriwaka 38, George Young 38, Hamish Maxwell 38, Ray Shove 37.  Nearest the pin: Opotiki Drainlayers no.18 George Young Ray Shove No. 13 George Young Waiotahi Contractors No.6 Heka Mato.  Twos: Wayne Morrow, John McKain, Garth Carlyon, Brent McKillop, Micky Huriwaka, B Tuoro Scoring on Saturday proved difficult, however the cream rises to the top with Brent looking good for the seniors and Trevor the Taihape kid will be pushing in to the Intermediates division and young Ross McCullough showing good consistency to be a threat in the Junior division. Club champs coming up I expect to see a few more out their practicing.

Congratulations to Sue Gleeson having a hole in one on the 15th.

Saturday 30th July:  Mens haggle, nett: Trevor Harris 66, Glen Steenson 67, Lew Kerr 67, David Moore 68, Richie Howe 68, Charlie Hayes 68, Brent McKillop 69, Wayne Morrow 69, Ross White 69, Joe Honatana 69, Julian Lee 69, Ross McCullough 69. Nearest the pin: Opotiki Drainlayers no.18 David Moore Ray Shove No. 13 Bruce Hawtin ; Waiotahi Contractors No.6 Butch Tuoro.  Twos: Heka Mato.  Saturday saw miserable conditions again however the ex Taihape boy who is used to playing in snow and ice came in with a great 66 nett. Glen Steenson after his 3rd week in a row is starting to show good form. Keep coming Glen and we will see you in the Intermediate grade shortly, as for Lew Kerr all the hard work your doing at home has obviously improved your game, keep it up because Richie may need a 2nd apprentice. Hard luck to our two boys at the Bay Open narrowly missing the cut due to the extreme difficult conditions, good experience for next year boys. Well done to Tyla Kingi in the ladies division flying the flag for Opotiki.

Saturday 23rd July:  Mens haggle; Micky Huriwaka 41, Brent McKillop 38, Joe Honatana 36, Harold Ruff 36; Nearest the pin: Opotiki Drainlayers no.18 Bruce Hawtin Ray ;Shove No. 13 Eric Codlin; Waiotahi Contractors No.6 John McKain. Twos: Micky Huriwaka x2 jackpot. Good luck to the boys heading off to the BOP Open. Micky is showing good form with a 66 off the stick in tough windy conditions.

Saturday 16th July : Pete Gleeson 41, R Petersen 41, B Papuni 40, H Maxwell 39, L Kerr 37, B McKay 37, C Hayes 36, R Shove 36 , W Morrow 36, B Tuoro 36. Nearest the pin: Opotiki Drainlayers no.18 J Honatana Ray Shove No. 13 J Honatana Waiotahi Contractors No.6 M Kiri.  Twos: S Walker, M lack, T Henwood. A fantastic weekend for golf, Peter Gleeson and Robbie Petersen taking advantage of the conditions with Pete Gleeson winning bragging rights over Robbie for the day by countback. Course is in great condition. Peter Gleeson and David Read won the 4-Ball Best final over Paul Brown and Dion Reeve. Peter Gleeson was on fire winning the haggle on both days.

Sunday roast results (17th July):  A field of 30 enjoyed good weather with Peter Gleeson repeating his good Saturday form .  Ladies division: Tyla Kingi 1st, Glennis Hayes 2nd, Janice Hustler 3rd.  Mens division: Peter Gleeson 41 points, H Maxwell 37, S Arndell 37, R Howe 37, D Read 36, D Reeve 36, R Shove, P Brown 36. Nearest the pin no.6 Tyla Kingi; No. 18 D Reeve;  No.15 R White.  Twos: P Gleeson, J Lee, R White, H White, R Howe x2, S Howe 

Saturday 25th June: Wayne Morrow 37, Pete Gleeson 35, John McKain 34, Mike Lack 34. Twos: Micky Huriwakla, David Read.  Due to the adverse weather the Simpsons was postponed however, a few mad men braved the conditions and managed to play 18 holes. The conditions proved difficult for everyone but Wayne Morrow still produced a great round. Tim Hickey continued his form from last week. Good to see him taking my advice and out there practicing on Sunday. Welcome home to Julian Lee - looks like you need some practice too. 

Saturday 18th June:  Mens haggle: Trevor Harris 41 points, George Young 40, Lew Kerr 40, Ross White 39, Butch Tuoro 38, Wayne Morrow 37, Craig Purcell 37, Micky Huriwaka 37 shooting a 68. Twos: George Young, Micky Huriwaka, Allan Williams and Terry Mulhern. The course is in great condition with the volunteers are doing a great job, however this week the greens had been rolled and mowed making them as challenging as the US Open greens!, reflected in this week's scoring. However Trevor Harris was a standout conquering the difficult conditions. George Young and Lew Kerr played well, also turning in great scores. At the other end of the scale Tim Hickey should have gone fishing and Brent McKillop should have stuck to mowing lawns. More practice boys! Nearest the Pin: Waiotahi Contractors No. 6: Harold Ruff Opotiki Drainlayers No. 18: Wayne Morrow Ray Shove No. 13 Bruce Hawtin

Finals Sunday 19th:  Captains final played over 36 holes was won by Harold Ruff over Ross White. Harold played steady golf shooting 2 x 78's to wear Ross down taking it out 4 and 3. Congratulations Harold good to see you haven't lost that competitive nature.

Working bee: Another successful working bee thanks to everyone who turned up. Special thanks to Len the woodmonger Zeier for his tireless effort and Hekara Mato for completing the steps at No.14 they look fantastic. Cheers Terry and Patrick Mulhern for the rail so the old fellas can get up.

Saturday 11th June:  Mens haggle: D Reeve 43 points, Terry Mulhern 41, P Brown, C Hayes 39, T Hickey 38, Ross White 38, D Moore 37 Twos: Lew Kerr, Harold Ruff, Tim Hickey, Terry Mulhern, Bob Papuni, Micky Huriwka, Hek Mato, C Hayes 2 x 2 jackpot. Nearest the Pin: Waiotahi Contractors No. 6: Terry Mulhern Opotiki Drainlayers No. 18:C Hayes Ray Shove No. 13 Hekara Mato. Scoring was hot to go with the weather, with Dion Reeve and Paul Brown trouncing Darren Maxwell because he got stood up by his partner. Two eagles on the day Lew Kerr had a 2 on number 5 and Micky Huriwaka on number 1. Congratulations boys

Sunday Roast results: Sunday Roast went well with 25 in the field. Scoring not so hot with someone in 4 of the five groups having to shout a whisky. But still a most enjoyable day. Mens: Dion Reeve 40 points, Ross White 38, Lew Kerr 38, Ray Shove 37, Glenn Steenson 37, Tim Hickey 37 and Terry Mulhern 37 Ladies: Janice Hustler 41, Polly White 34 Twos: Polly and Ross White, Tim Hickey, Lew Kerr, Janice Hustler and Hamish Maxwell

Saturday 21st May: Mens haggle: Hekara Mato 42 points, David Read 41, Butch Tuoro 40, Richie Howe 40, Tim Hickey 39, Wayne Morrow 38, Ross White 38 Twos: Harold Ruff, Darin Maxwell, Terry Mulhern, Paul Brown, Micky Huriwaka. Nearest the Pin: Waiotahi Contractors No. 6: Darin Maxwell. Opotiki Drainlayers No. 18 Wayne Morrow Ray Shove No. 13 Harold Ruff

Sunday Roast results: 1st round of the Sunday Roast went well. The weather turned out good, and a small field of about 20 had an enjoyable day. Mens: Tim Hickey 43, Darin Maxwell 41, Lew Kerr 39, Peter Gleeson 39, Barry Howe 37, Ross White 36 Ladies: Polly White 37, Vicki Morrow 34, Janice Hustler 31 Twos: Peter Gleeson, Hamish Maxwell, Polly White x2, Vicki Morrow

Sunday 8th May: Cellphone lights show the way!  Intermediate and Senior A Pennant teams won their semi-final games, so travel to Taupo for the Bay of Plenty (BoP) Pennant finals. There was an exciting finish to the senior A matches played with a 4 1/2 all draw. However, there had to be a result so with Sam Howe not wanting to relive the last play off result he quickly nominated son Keanau. Keanau played James Goulding (Omanu) in a sudden death play-off with light fading quickly. When they teed off the course was almost in darkness. Keanau hit his ball in the rough and James was straight down the middle. Keanau punched his ball out into the fairway and James' 2nd finished just off the green pin high. With 67 metres to the pin Keanau pitched his ball within 6 feet of the hole. James putted his down to two feet and then Keanau with a line up of 4 cellphone lights (due to the course being in total darkness) knocked his ball in to the back of the cup. James coolly stepped up under 1 cellphone light and slotted his. Unfortunately, it was too dark to continue so the result was determined by a team hole by hole countback. Opotiki winning 11 holes to 8. The Senior A team face Springfield in the BoP finals. Springfield beat us in the round robin play so Opotiki is determined to win this time. The Intermediates had no such drama winning in regular time with a hard fought 5 / 4 win against Hamurama. They play Mt Maunganuii next week in Taupo for BOP finals.

Saturday 7th May: Stablelford winner J Honatana 42 points, B Howe and R Shove 41 points, M Huriwaka 40 points (gross 66), W Morrow, P Gleeson, D Reeve, D Read, T Hickey 37 points. Twos: B McKillop, R Shove, W Morrow, B Howe, S Walker, B Hawtin, M Huriwaka, R White, 2 x2 and jackpot David Moore.  Nearest the Pin: Waiotahi Contractors No. 6: B Hawtin; Opotiki Drainlayers No. 18 H Maxwell; Ray Shove No. 13 / 15, Micky Huriwaka

30th April:  A good turnout for Saturday golf with 36 men and 10 ladies enjoying fantastic weather. The course is in excellent condition thanks to all the volunteer green staff - you're doing a magnificent job. The golf course is looking picturesque at the moment. A good night was had by all for George Young’s birthday celebration. Thanks to Milton and the team for a great spread. Congratulations to the Intermediate and Senior A Pennant teams who have made the zone semi finals. They will be competing in Whakatane on Sunday 8th May. Mens results: Glen Steenson 45 points, Tim Hickey 44, Hekara Mato and J McKain 42, Robbie Petersen 40, Terry Reeve, Wayne Morrow and Julian Lee 39, Dion Reeve 38. Twos: Tim Hickey, Hamish Maxwell, David Moore, Stan Smith, John McKain, Charlie Hayes and Micky Huriwaka . Nearest the Pin: Waiotahi Contractors No. 6: Riley Sutherland; Opotiki Drainlayers No. 18 Stan Smith Ray Shove No. 13 Hekara Mato Upcoming events: Sunday Roast is postponed until 22 May. Vets R2, Medal Cup R2 14 May; 4BBB 21 May; Captains 24 May

23rd April: On saturday the club held an Open Tournament that attracted golfers from the around the Bay,Taupo and Maraenui (Napier), everyone enjoyed the weather and golf.  Scoring was pretty good, and these were supported with good prizes. Results: Ladies; Glenys Hayes 39, Kristine Shove 35, Susan Gleeson 34, Polly White 34, Margaret Greer 33 (Ohope). Mens Div 1; Dion Reeve 40, Harold Ruff 40, Tim Hickey 39, Wayne Morrow 39, Riley Sutherland 39,Paul Brown 39. Mens Div 2; Lew Kerr 45, Bruce Hawtin 41, Colin Kemeys 41, Stanley Smith 39, Trevor Harris 38, Peter Gleeson 37. Twos , Helen Bentley, T Hickey,C Hayes, P Brown, D Zeier, R Sutherland, G Young, L Kerr, T Harris. Nearest the Pin: no. 2 George Young, no. 6 Karen Trafford, no. 13 Mandy Walker, no15 Tim Hickey, no. 18 Darren Maxwell.

16th April:  Saturday was the first round of the Four Ball Best Ball Teams match play, as usual there were number of even match ups, at least one of years’ finalist being knocked out in the round one. Tim Hickey and Brent Mckillop beating Tom Henwood and Hekara Mato. Julian must have carried Tom to last year's final. Best Stablefords: John Mckain 42, Cedric Katene 41, David Read 41, Hayden White 40, Trevor Harris 40, Paul Brown 39, Darren Maxwell 37, Charlie Hayes 37; Two's. Bain Mckay x2, Hayden White x2, Trevor Harris, Harold Ruff, Hamish Maxwell. Nearest the pin: Waiotahi Contractor No6, Trevor Harris; Ray Shove No13, David Read; Opotiki Drain Layers No18, Bain Mckay

9th April:  On his current form it was only a matter of time before George Young would shoot his age - 69 at aged 69. What a fantastic feat. George may yet challenge the late great Derrick McCorkindale for number of times of playing to his age. Although the weather wasn't the greatest for golf the scoring was exceptional for the day with George Young shooting 46 points, Bain McKay 2nd on 43 including an ACE and Colin Kemeys, Julian Lee, Ngawai Amoamo, Ray Shove, Micky Huriwaka and Eric Codlin all taking home prizes. HOLE IN ONE: Bain McKay: Twos: George Young, Joe Waipouri, Heke Mato

19th March:    Saturday was the first round of Captains Competition, the format is match play off handicap which always produces very even competition and many matches going to the 18th hole and beyond. However George Young carded an exceptional score of 73 to shut out any challenge Joe Waipouri could muster. If George can continue this from he'll be shooting his age in on time, it must have been all the sand he shovelled during coring last Monday. Thank you to all those who gave their time and sweat coring last week the Greens are looking good. 1st George Young 43, 2nd Hekara Mato 41, 3rd Mike Lack 40, 4th Harold Ruff 39, 5th Paul Brown 39, 6th Dion Reeve 38, 7th Julian Lee 38, 8th Tim Hickey 37, 9th Milton Kiri 37. Two's, Dion Reeve, Wayne Morrow , Allen Williams, Paul Brown x 2. Jackpot, Paul Brown Nearest the Pin: Wiaotahi contractors #6 Paul Brown Opotiki Drain Layers#18 Barry Howe Ray Shove #15 Dion Reeve.

12th March: The club has had good start to the season with a good numbers in the men's and women's competition's. The 1st Trophy in the men's has been decided on a two round nett of 131 Koro Milt was the runaway winner taking out the Presidents Cup, his nearest rival was David Read on 134.

13th March, 2016: Round 2 of the Eastern bay Intermediate and Junior Pennants was held at Opotiki with 12 teams from 6 club participating, both the Opotiki teams played very well to record wins over the Te Puke teams. Thanks to Jack Lawson, Carroll P, David, Lew and Bruce running the day.