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Hole by Hole Course Description

Men – White Tees

Par 70 (35, 35), 5264 meters (2620 Out, 2644 In), NZSCR  67.1,  Slope 105

Ladies - Yellow Tees

Par 71 (35, 36), 4875 meters (2430 Out, 2445 In), NZSCR  72.2,  Slope 113

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Hole 7 - The Gums (par 4)

(Man 378m stroke 1 Ladies 288m stroke 10)


Sponsored by: Hayes Engineering
Dog leg right across water hazard from elevated tee, large trees guard left corner. A good drive across the right hand side corner (wall of large bamboo) can make this hole shorter, but stray right and the ball is out of bounds. Stay out of the orchard! Oval green with gentle slope left to right.

Hole 8 - Sunnys (par 4)

(Men 283m stoke 9 ladies 283m stroke 9 )


Sponsored by: Waiotahi Contractors
Fairway slopes gently upwards, large conifers guard the right. A long narrow green, sited on a plateau, a challenge to reach the pin when positioned at back but a 'messy' end for those that over club.

Hole 9 - Hikutaia (par 5)

(Men 418m stroke 11 Ladies 417m stroke 3)


Sponsored by: Opotiki Appliances
Mature trees guard both sides of fairway, pohutukawa trees on left give magnificent flower display in November/ December. Fairway slopes from middle to right into stand of pines along edge of hill for first half. A nasty slice will likely mean playing down the 14th to the bottom of the hill and then across the internal out of bounds to the green back up the hill. Internal out of bounds along right for those that stray on second shot and on approach shot to green. Ball feeds down to green from slope on left.

Hole 10 - Island View (par 5 ladies, par 4 men)

(Men 390m stroke 2 Ladies 388m stroke 11)


Sponsored by: Hole available for sponsorship
Straight down, mature trees both sides, with fairway sloping left to right. Enjoy the magnificent view with smoking White Island out to sea. Good sized green but can be tricky to hold your ball sloping right to left.

Hole 11 - The Drag (par 5)

(Men 433m stroke 14 Ladies 399m stroke 2 )


Sponsored by: Multiskilled Builders Ltd
Deceptively easy hole, fairway sloping left, until final third when a ball too far left will have you playing the 6th (the Donga) all over again! Good size green with slope from right to towards the front left corner.

Hole 12 - Up and Over (par 4)

(Men 335m stroke 8 Ladies 314m stroke 4 )


Sponsored by: Opotiki Drainlayers Ltd
Straight up and over the hill to the green situated only metres from out of bounds on left. Out of bounds all down left hand side, but longer hitters should stay in the middle as a good drive to the right may find the internal out of bounds area (marked by the tall tree visible at about 2 O’clock).

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