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Hole by Hole Course Description

Men – White Tees

Par 70 (35, 35), 5264 meters (2620 Out, 2644 In), NZSCR  67.1,  Slope 105


Ladies - Yellow Tees

Par 71 (35, 36), 4875 meters (2430 Out, 2445 In), NZSCR  72.2,  Slope 113

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Hole 13 - Acacia Valley (par 3)

(White 136m stroke 16 Yellow 136m stroke 13 )

Sponsored by:  (available for sponsorship)

Stay right to avoid the trees and out of bounds on the left. The circular green is bordered by slopes falling away sharply to the left and rear of the green. Over the green will likely result in your ball rolling out of bounds especially in summer. The green falls gently right to left.


Hole 14 -The Wrecker (par 5)

(White 422m stroke 6 Yellow 341m stroke 6)

No 14 green

White Tee sponsored by Paul Brown Builders.  Yellow Tee Sponsored by Woodlands School

Our signature hole, a good card until now could be ruined by the out of bounds on the left and stand of pines (play the lie!) on the right and out of bounds on the right. With some luck a slice into the pine stand should see your ball roll back down onto the fairway. It requires a well-positioned second shot to stay on the right to left sloping fairway. Again stay right approaching longish, elevated green. It’s all trouble left and behind the green! Ball will feed down off the slope on left of green.


Hole 15 - Roughs (par 3)

(White 105m stroke 18 Yellow 105m stroke 17 )

Sponsored by: Terry & Kala Reeve  (also sponsors for hole in one prize)

A long narrow green guarded by shallow bunker in front and two on the right hand side. Stroke 18 for men but not as easy as it looks. Out of bounds all along left. Don’t be short and don’t be long! Can be especially challenging in the wind and prudent club choice is needed be it into the wind (northerly) or with it ( a southerly). Pin positioning, back or front, dramatically changes how the hole plays.


Hole 16 - Kukumoa (par 4)

(White 347m stroke 4 Yellow 340m stroke 5 )

Sponsored by: Motor Trade Whakatane

Nice wide fairway, with out of bounds on left. Large pine and macrocarpa trees guard the No 8 fairway. A large, gently tiered green, with small bunkers front left and right. Don’t be long as the back of the green falls away sharply into out of bounds area.


Hole 17 - Homeward bound (par 4)

(White 306m stroke 10 Yellow 306m stroke 7 )

Sponsored by: Precision Irrigation 

Nice avenue of trees down left and right but good wide fairway, straight to the green - be careful not to over club, as it is not easy to come back out of the Donga, north from the trees down the left side of green.


Hole 18 – Shot Over (par 3)

(White 170m stroke 12 Yellow 116m stroke 15 )

White Tee Sponsored by Golf 360 Mount Maunganui.  Yellow Tee Sponsored by Bridge FM 91.7

Final hole but you need to hit well or you'll end up playing the 6th (Donga) again!. Avoid totara tree on right, a good draw needs to carry this, although large green makes an easy target. The green has a good right to left slope (towards the Donga naturally!).

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